The roles of Sergei Puskepalis: from doctor and soldier to sailor and coach

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Sergei’s first truly remarkable role in the movie “How I Spent This Summer” immediately won him a lot of awards

Episode in a movie “Walk” (2003), it seems, had no plot meaning, everything seemed to be happening in the background, but it was filmed and played so colorfully and accurately that the audience remembered the moment. Thus began the film and television career of Puskepalis, in which there were many outstanding roles. We invite you to remember a few.

“How I Spent This Summer” (2010)

Sergei’s first truly remarkable role immediately earned him a whole host of awards, including awards from the prestigious Berlin Film Festival. In Alexei Popogrebsky’s psychological thriller, there are really only two heroes, one of them, the head of the weather station, was played by Puskepalis.

“Life and Destiny” (2012)

In the large-scale 12-episode television show, based on the novel by Vasily Grossman, many stars were filmed, from Sergei Makovetsky to Alexander Baluev, but Puskepalis, who got the role of Captain Grekov, did not get lost among them.

Shot from the movie “Life and Fate”

“Subway” (2013)

One of the few experiences of Russian filmmakers in the “disaster film” genre clearly did not become a masterpiece – in some places the special effects did not reach the world level, the plot did not differ in original ideas. However, the picture was drawn by the actors, among which one of the leading violins was played by Sergei, who played the role of Doctor Andrei Garin.

Shot from the movie “Subway”

“Eight” (2013)

The participation of Puskepalis, who played the commander of the dashing law enforcement officers, added color and solidity to Alexei Uchitel’s drama about the life and “creativity” of the provincial OMON fighters.

“Black Sea” (2014)

One of Puskepalis’ few appearances in the international acting world. Filmed by the eminent Scotsman Kevin McDonald, Jude Law was the soloist in this British thriller, but several Russian artists collaborated with him, including Puskepalis Grigory Dobrygin and Konstantin Khabensky.

Shot from the movie “Black Sea”

“And in Our Garden…” (2017)

In this seemingly unpretentious melodrama with a detective bias, Sergei formed a great duet with Ravshana Kurkova. Puskepalis played a former police officer who likes alcohol and is not too friendly with people, and Kurkova portrayed an Uzbek woman who worked as a janitor. It was incredibly interesting to follow the difficult relationship of the characters, which predetermined the success of the series and the release of the second season.

Shot from the movie “And in our garden …”

“Icebreaker” (2016)

“Icebreaker” has become a serious attempt to revive Soviet film traditions – here you have a production conflict, a disaster film and even Tsoi’s song in the credits. The result, as often happens, could not fully confirm the ambitions of the authors, but the actors and especially Puskepalis, who played the tough captain Sevchenko, had no complaints from the audience and critics.

“Icebreaker” has become a serious attempt to revive Soviet film traditions

A picture: movie frame

“Figure” (2019)

One of the most notable historical television projects of recent years owes its success to the charisma of Puskepalis, under the strict leadership of whose hero a group of talented decryption specialists work in the mid-1950s. The classic scheme “a bunch of brave girls led by a stern man” has been loved by us since the time of the movie “The Dawns Here Are Quiet” and in “Cipher” it was given a new lease of life.

Shot from the movie “Cipher”

“On the Edge” (2020)

Puskepalis, with his external data, just could not resist playing a sports coach, and the creators of the drama “On the Edge” understood this very well. The actor got the role of mentor of the Russian screen team – it is in this team that two irreconcilable rivals, played by Svetlana Khodchenkova and Stasya Miloslavskaya, strive to break through.

Puskepalis, with his external data, just couldn’t resist playing a sports coach

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