The Russian mobilization was predictable. It’s proof that you don’t go out full, Ukraine responds St

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He said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s other words in the televised speech were just rhetoric. Their aim was to blame Ukraine for the wolf and Russia’s worsening economic situation in the West, Podojlak said.

Instead of destroying Ukraine as they wanted, after 210 days the Russians were given mobilization, closed borders, blocked banks and jailed for desertion, Podoljak wrote on Twitter.

It’s going really well, isn’t it? life has a great sense of humor, he added, citing the repeated claim by Russian officials that the special operation is proceeding fully in line with Ukrainian flows and Russian steps, first south of Kiev and from the Kharkov region.

Russia has announced immediate mobilization to call up 300,000 reservists, mostly Russian veterans with military experience. The mobilization begins immediately. For example, Moscow spoke for the first time about its own losses during the more than half-year-long invasion of Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense blew the clock that 5,937 Russian soldiers have been killed in a neighboring country. The Ukrainian army reports that the Russians have lost 54,810 people.

Putin, for example, supported the referendum held in Moscow on the annexation of the occupied Ukrainian lands to Russia. Referendums will be held from Friday in the self-proclaimed republics that have declared a separatist coup in the Luhansk and Donsk regions, as well as in the Russian-occupied Ukrainian provinces of Zporosk and Khersonsk.

Ukraine is one of the countries to deliver a speech at the current UN General Assembly in New York, where Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi is to speak via video link.


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