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In this regard, the reporter noted that recently the president of Růn did not want such a thing, when the interview did not take place in Růn. She noted that the request for music during the interview by Rasho’s assistant justified the situation in the morning.

In the morning, the protests, which broke out after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amnov, lasted for seven days. She was arrested by the moral police in Tehran for violating the rules of women’s music.

a woman fell into the mud a few hours after the attack and fell to the ground. According to the family, she was previously healthy. Information appeared on social media that Amnov was beaten. Police say she died of a heart attack. According to the German human rights organization IHR, 31 people did not participate in the protests in Germany.

The interview with CNN would be Rasv’s first interview in the US, where he flew to the 77th session of the UN General Assembly. Amanpourov noted that she was prepared for the interview when one of the Russian president’s advisers demanded that she hide.

We are in New York, where there is no law or tradition regarding scalping, she said on Twitter. According to the news, the consultant made it clear that the interview would not take place if he did not take the hib, saying it was a matter of honor.

On this condition, he declined Amanpour’s interview. The novelty of the Russian president’s demands was unprecedented and unfulfilled.

Ras was elected last year and in August this year signed a list of new names abolishing penalties for unmarried offences.

RNT officials have recognized in the past that this rule does not apply beyond their borders. But the act did not involve the news reporters, moreover, with Russian ancestry, who ask the ultra-conservative president about what is now a controversial issue at home, it must have been considered politically risky, BBC reporter Lyse Doucetov responded to the incident. She emphatically noted that Tlibn had behaved the same way in Afghanistan.

Race: I have to get rid of it

Ras said in New York on Thursday that the fall cut-off orders are what you want. It must be investigated, he said, adding that he had contacted the country’s family and assured them that the investigation into this incident would be persistently pursued.

The conservative president declared the current demonstrations normal and acceptable. According to him, they are proof that a discussion will take place in his country. It is necessary to distinguish between demonstrations and vandalism, he stressed.

According to the police, the RNT representative was killed by the protesters. However, Amnesty International says the protest was brutally crushed with shotguns, tear gas, water cannons and batons. Demonstrations of the ruling circle are allowed on the day.

Ras said bad things happen to people because of the world. He insisted on the standard double standards that the West applies to human rights. And what about the deaths of Americans by other American agencies in criminal cases? etc.


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