The Russians named their favorite role of Sergei Puskepalis

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Sergei Puskepalis in the television series “Cipher”

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Outstanding actor and director, artistic director of the Volkov Theater in Yaroslavl Sergey Puskepalis died Tuesday 20 Sept. Honored artist of Russia had an accident in the Yaroslavl region, he was only 56 years old.

The audience remembered Puskepalis and fell in love with the roles of hard men who had to survive in difficult conditions. The actor himself led a modest, not at all great life, without scandals, which earned him even more respect.

The Russians remembered their favorite artist and called his best and most memorable roles, although many added that Sergei Puskepalis was good in all his films.

“Good in all movies, it’s impossible to choose,” says the survey participant.

“I love all the movies with his participation! If Sergei starred in the movie, you should definitely watch it!” – the other agrees.

A picture: Julia SCHERBAKOV

At the same time, the Russians still gave the majority of their votes to the image of Major Proskurin from the series “Cipher” – an adaptation of the British “Killing Code”. 31% of respondents voted for this option.

23% of Russians called the best role of Puskepalis Vladimir Kaleny from the series “And in our yard …”, and almost the same number (20%) – the role of the doctor Andrey Garin from Metro.

Fans added that the actor was convincing in all his images and that he wanted to watch his new films again and again.

“I can’t believe it, I was waiting for more roles from this great actor, a simple and nice person with a smile,” complains the survey participant.

Also, the audience noticed the film “Icebreaker”, and the role of Captain Sevchenko scored 12% of the vote. 8% of respondents each voted for the option “How I spent this summer” and the role of the head of the weather station and the option “other”, where they could name their own favorite movie with the participation of the artist. The most popular in this version was the series “Cry of the Owl” and the role of Ivan Mitin.

“Cry of the Owl is a masterpiece film and Sergey played his part with talent. Blessed memory, condolences to the family,” said the survey participant.

“Only recently I saw the movie “Cry of the Owl” with his participation! What a shame, a great actor!” said another.

“Cry of an owl” and “Godfather” adds a third.

A survey in social networks has been conducted by the website of KP.RU. 3.3 thousand people took part in the study.

Peter Kavinsky

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