The Secret to SHAMAN’s Success and Replacing Departed Artists: Named Top 10 Pop Stars of 2022

SHAMAN already has sold out shows for Spring 2023 and has announced additional shows.

SHAMAN already has sold out shows for Spring 2023 and has announced additional shows.

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A lot has changed in the show business market in the past nine months. Some stars fled abroad, angered fans with anti-patriotic statements, and in response their work turned out to be useless to anyone. An objective indicator of the popularity of a pop artist: ticket sales for major solo concerts, tours with good sales, tops on online platforms, listening to digital stores (services where you can listen to music for a subscription). Now people are saving and don’t plan ahead for a long time, so the main sale of tickets for star concerts takes place in the last weeks before the event. However, there are artists for which tickets are still sold in advance. The website has compiled a list of the best pop artists of 2022 by examining concert ticket sales and online charts.


In November, the song “Stand Up” topped three YouTube charts simultaneously. The singer’s clips are in trends, songs take first place in the charts. The clip “I’m Russian” has 20 million views, the video “Stand Up” has 50 million views. SHAMAN on tour across the country – the halls are packed everywhere. But another fact speaks of the unprecedented popularity of the artist: in November 2022, all tickets for concerts in March 2023 in the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall in St. Petersburg were sold, and very few of them remained in Crocus in Moscow. Therefore, the artist announced additional concert dates. It seems that SHAMAN himself was surprised by such success: “Honestly, I could not even dream of such a thing! A full house is the most expensive gift an artist can receive. Two extra large solo concerts in both our capitals! And there will be four in total! Today, none of the pop artists in the country can dream of such sales today.

SHAMAN - poster for November, and so - every month.

SHAMAN – poster for November, and so – every month.

Vocal teacher Yulia Taravkova told her version of the artist’s unprecedented success: “He sings patriotic songs, which in themselves claim to be national, because this musical niche is not at all occupied by modern youth. Now it is occupied by SHAMAN. That’s the new Oleg Gazmanov. Only with a longer range.

Leonid Agutin

This season’s most requested singer at private events. Agutin in this segment of wealthy viewers successfully occupied the niche of Valery Meladze, who disappointed fans with anti-patriotic statements. His fee is from 2 to 2.5 million rubles for a private concert, and now he is in great demand in this segment. By the way, on New Year’s Eve Agutin already has 2 concerts in expensive metropolitan restaurants. In November, Leonid Agutin and his wife Anzhelika Varum gave three concerts in a row in St. Petersburg in the Great Concert Hall – all tickets were sold in advance, as well as at autumn concerts in other regions of the country. Now there is already active ticket sales for Agutin for the solo album in Moscow in March 2023 and for other concerts at the beginning of the year. The repertoire of the artist is huge. Agutin experiments with young people: in November he released a duet with singer Jony “Green World”. This is a cover of the song of the same name by Agutin and Varum, released 6 years ago.

Agutin and Jony recorded a duet.

Agutin and Jony recorded a duet.

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Jony released a successful duet “How to understand your love” with Anna Asti in November. The hit now ranks first in the list of songs on VKontakte, Yandex Music and Apple Music, in trends on YouTube. The Russian pop singer with Azerbaijani roots became wildly popular after winning the TV show “Mask”. In November, Jony had a big sold-out concert in the capital, the singer will give six concerts in the regions in the next two weeks. Rooms for March 2023 are 80% sold. In December, Jony receives the Golden Gramophone. The musician himself wrote some hits – “Comet”, “Credits”, “Without you, I am not me” and others.

Anna Asti

The singer recorded a successful album – the tracks from it were in the top on all online platforms in the summer and fall. There was a time when five of the singer’s songs were in the tops on different platforms at once. Asti went on tour to earn money on her success: the artist is touring the Russian regions all autumn – the halls are full, the concerts continue in the winter. Anna Asti has a lot of fans not only in Russia, in December there are two big concerts in Minsk – completely sold out. Also, all tickets were sold for the concert in Krasnodar and other cities of the tour. At private parties with wealthy citizens, Anna is also in trend – on New Year’s Eve she sings in two locations at once. In this segment, she took Loboda’s audience with her.

Gregory Leps

This artist held the most concerts in Moscow and the regions in a year. It seems that Grigory Viktorovich is constantly on a concert tour, leaving only to visit the children and talk to the wounded in hospitals or soldiers in the NVO. Leps’ repertoire is sung in unison by the audience and he is constantly releasing new hits. Leps’ concerts always had an audience of 40+, but this year it has been supplemented with 30+ fans.

Grigory Leps has been on tour for a whole year. Those who did not have time for the concert see Grigory Viktorovich on New Year’s Eve on the Rossiya channel. Photo – channel “Russia”

A picture: Personal page of the hero of the publication in the social network

Who else from the stars went on a successful tour and collected large halls in 2022?

Few artists now decide to go on major tours. They successfully tour the country and in 2022 gave major concerts in the capital: Sergey Zhukov (“Hands Up”) – this artist collects entire stadiums, as well as Sergey Lazareva, Lolita, MakSim, Philip Kirkorov. Oleg Gazmanov’s grand tour is scheduled for next year.

Sergei Zhukov and the group “Hands Up” collect stadiums. The next concert is the second day in a row in Tyumen, almost all seats in the stadium are sold out (unsold seats are marked in color). In July 2023, Zhukov will have another solo album in Luzhniki.

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