The stars know how to warm up in fashion: they need old hats, bombers and chic coats like those from Arzamasova, Valeria and Makeeva

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Actress Elizaveta Arzamasova

Fall has arrived quickly as usual, so it’s time to warm up. With stylist Anvar Ochilov, we found warm clothes in the wardrobe of our artists that will be in trend in autumn 2022 – winter 2023. We show you how not to freeze and to be fashionable in different situations and in different outerwear.

Arzamasova and the Gray Cardinal of the Wardrobe

There is a global trend in the fashion world – designers try not to surprise and take simple and well-known wardrobe items as the basis for new collections. For example, a long gray coat is a smart investment in your wardrobe if you update it right now. Because it will never be obsolete and will not look strange on the city streets. However, in the season from fall 2022 to spring 2023, it has completely become a trend. Designers recommend diluting gray with bright scarlet or pink shades – with a scarf, gloves, beret, shoes or bag. Actress Arzamasova walks her new dress in a dress with pink stripes. A classic of the genre, which is fashionable to wear ‘both at a party and in the world’.

Arzamasova walks with her new clothes

Valeria and plush atmosphere

Fashionistas have long replaced winter coats made of natural fur with faux fur. The autumn wardrobe is now also full of faux fur inserts – like on the hood of Valeria’s coat. The singer chose a good jacket to walk with her granddaughter Celine. Plush, velvet outerwear is the hottest trend of the season, transformed into sheepskin coats in winter. Valeria knows how to dress fashionably and appropriately: look – the star here is pink not by chance, but because she walks with her granddaughter, who has many things of this color.

Valeria knows how to dress fashionably and appropriately

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The hat of Semenovich and Fyodor

Singer Anna Semenovich here demonstrates two trends at once. The first is a leather leather jacket, in which you can now go not only to the club and shop, but also to the theater. The second is a fedora hat. These are headdresses with a medium brim, with a low crown, decorated with a wide matching ribbon, they began to wear two centuries ago. The hat was named in honor of the Russian princess – Fyodor Romazova became the heroine of the play by the French playwright Victorian Sardou “Fedora”. According to the plot, in order to find the groom’s killer, the princess borrows things from the men’s wardrobe – including a felt hat with a “dent” on the crown. And so the “Fedora” took root in the women’s wardrobe. Hats always look impressive and will make the image elegant, expensive and eye-catching. They can be worn with a leather jacket, with a wool coat, with a sheepskin coat. Add such a hat to a jacket with jeans and you are an instant star – if not the stage, then definitely fashion.

Anna Semenovich demonstrates two trends at once here

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Ivleeva in a bomber jacket and with ears

Don’t be afraid to try this hit of the season, the bomber jacket. The oversized bomber suits the blogger and TV presenter Anastasia Ivleeva, and also goes with dresses, jeans, suits. These jackets are different now – and plain, and embroidered with sequins and with prints. Previously they were classified as urban street style: now the dress code is basically gone unless you go to an event where it is specifically prescribed. Here, under the jacket, Ivleeva has an alcoholic T-shirt – the star is in a hurry to show it to us, since this thing is now also in the top. A cat hat with ears is cool and suitable for this look. Among the hats worn this season: hats, baseball caps, beanies, Panama hats and earflaps in colored fur, leather and wool berets and postman caps (a trend from scratch).

Anastasia Ivleeva oversized bomber jacket is coming

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Muceniece on the platform

Agata Muceniece successfully lifted her leg so we could see her new boots. Good boots – must take! Shoes are fashionable this fall to wear on the platform, as well as wide heels or buckles. The new collections have many options for beveled and other creative heels. The actress’s cape is also normal – a classic of the genre in any place and at any time.

Agata Muceniece successfully lifted her leg so we could see her new boots

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Colored skin Volkova

Black rules the show and remains the base color. But this season, multicolored bright leather matte things are in fashion. Here actress Ekaterina Volkova has made a very nice leather suit from thick eco-leather. When late summer returns to us, it is possible not to freeze in it. And if not, throw a cloak on it.

Here actress Ekaterina Volkova has a very nice leather suit

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Jasmine has a green autumn

Jasmine knows how to find interesting things – her raincoat has a twist, or rather with creative sleeves that made the style fashionable. Designers now like to do weird stuff with sleeves, and that’s always interesting. The color of the singer chose one of the two most fashionable for this fall. To be the most fashionable, you should choose a rich green color or a bright blue shade like Jasmine. Replacement – swamp and deep blue.

Jasmine has a green autumn

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Makeeva in a quilted shirt

Since the start of the pandemic, quilted items have been in the closet for at least a year. This season, the trend is such shirt jackets, as the actress Anastasia Makeeva. This classic model goes with every outfit. A godsend for women who like to get by with one outerwear for late autumn – you can wear it for a walk in a tracksuit, and to work with jeans, and to the theater with a dress.

Makeeva in a quilted shirt

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What else not to forget? 5 autumn trends

– Extra wide jeans with a low waist.

– Knitwear of any texture.

– Colored tights, leggings have returned on the catwalks and in our lives – you can choose both in the clothes and in contrast.

– Gloves, both long and short, are generally worn underneath everything.

– It is now recommended to wear dresses and skirts over trousers – that is so warm and fashionable.

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