The TechCrunch Podcast: Why do people keep giving Adam Neumann money?

Welcome to the second episode of The TechCrunch Podcast, our weekly news show bringing you all the top stories in tech. This week, we sat down with TC writers Natasha Mascarenhas, Anita Ramaswamy and Devin Coldewey to talk about the continued, troubling trend of layoffs in tech; Adam Neumann’s new crypto carbon credit startup (?!); and the one-upmanship among AI image generation technologies happening between OpenAI and Google.

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Articles from the episode:

  • A third straight week of tech layoffs in the books
  • Latch, a proptech meets SaaS play, conducts two consecutive weeks of layoffs
  • Adam Neumann’s blockchain-based redemption story now sponsored by a16z
  • OpenAI: Look at our awesome image generator! Google: Hold my Shiba Inu

Other news from the week:

  •  It’s official: Broadcom to acquire VMware in massive $61B deal
  • Jack Dorsey steps down from Twitter’s board
  • Twitter investors sue Elon Musk over acquisition shenanigans


  • Hana Mohan’s Twitter thread on the YC advice to founders
  • Hana Mohan’s episode of Found
  • Equity’s episode: We think founders need a quick Heart to Heart about the market


Source: TechCrunch

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