The Ukrainian people united to defend freedom, no one will be able to take it away – Zelensky

The Ukrainian people have united and continue to pay a high price for freedom, but no one will be able to take it away. The whole world sees what the army and civilians are capable of to protect the freedom of Ukraine.

According to Ukrinform, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced this video message on the occasion of the Day of Dignity and Freedom.

“Everyone saw what defenders and defenders we have. How can you fight back one of the greatest armies in the world and become one of the best armies in the world. Someone will say: it sounds loud. Yes. Our army sounds loud And the last eight years. And the last nine months. When musicians, actors, Olympic champions, IT specialists, scientists, businessmen join the seasoned fighters. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who did not get on a plane, but stood in line at the military recruiting office. And side by side stood up to defend our dream Forever free Ukraine,” the president said.

He added that everyone saw what our citizens are capable of, everyone saw what kind of citizens we have: how to become a living wall in the way of the invader’s military columns, stop enemy tanks and armored personnel carriers, and with you can turn your bare hands. . Go to meetings in the occupation despite the shots and stun grenades. Protect the Ukrainian flag and wait for the APU. Flood your village to prevent the orcs from entering Kiev. Shoot down a Russian drone with a tin can. Give the invaders seeds so that sunflowers sprout where they die.”

Zelensky also added that everyone saw what kind of doctors, firefighters, rescue workers, railway workers, energy technicians, farmers we have, how to serve for weeks at a time, take dozens of wounded from the battlefield, operate under bombs and bullets. Perform seeding and harvesting under bombs and bullets. Giving online lectures to students, in the trench. Get your bachelor’s degree online, in the trench.

“Everyone saw what kind of volunteers and caring people we have. How can we collect in a few hours for drones, ambulances, optics, thermal imaging cameras. How to get everything. Buy everything. Bring everything. And then get it, buy it and bring it again because this is “They weren’t all. And in every village they cooked borscht in pots and closed the stew for the front, because we would burn with shame if our soldiers ate expired rations like orcs,” the president added.

He stressed that the Ukrainians are ready to give their final touches so that the Ukrainian soldier looks dignified, fights and wins with dignity.

“And everyone saw what kind of company we have. Not oligarchs, but a modern, creative, humane and responsible company. How to turn your office, hotel or gym into a shelter for migrants. How fashion shoe brands sew army boots. Designers of women’s dresses – body armor vests “A manufacturer of garden furniture produces hedgehogs. A star model prepares food for fighters and refugees. A TV presenter makes a Bandera smoothie. A Doctor of Science sorts humanitarian aid in Poland. And an opera singer evacuates hundreds of people in his car,” the president noted.

The head of state also drew attention to the fact that everyone saw what children we have, how they refuse smartphones and gadgets to transfer money to the army. How they wash cars and sell drawings, collect them from the APU. How a boy runs away from home to enroll in TPO. Like a girl shot through the legs, she drives a car 10 miles to take out four injured adults.

“Everyone has seen what kind of people we have! We are ready to give our last. We are ready to stand to the last. They have not lost their dignity. Courage. Believe in themselves. And they united. To the freedom not to lose “Do not lose independence. Ukraine will not lose,” the president said.

He noted that Ukrainians can be left without money, electricity, gasoline, hot water, but not without freedom, and this remains unchanged.

“Yes, we paid and are still paying a very high price for freedom. And we will never forget everyone who gave their life for Ukraine. And we will never forgive everyone who took their life and wanted to take our freedom. We succeeded and will never succeed ‘ said the president.

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As reported, November 21 is celebrated in Ukraine as the Day of Dignity and Freedom. It was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of November 13, 2014 in honor of the start on this day of two significant events in modern Ukrainian history: the Orange Revolution of 2004 and the Revolution of Dignity of 2013.

By Peter Kavinsky

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