The young protégé struck a blow at Alexander Revva’s mother

Alexander Revva

Alexander Revva

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Some time ago, the Russians witnessed a real drama in the family Alexandra Revva. His mother Lyubov Racheeva announced it all over the country famous son given up on her. Woman crying at home Lera Kudryavtsevatalk about the secret. It turned out that this blow to the pensioner was not the only one.

Mother Alexandra Revva complained of a new betrayal. The parent of the famous showman is at his wits’ end. More recently, Lyubov Racheeva shocked the public with a statement that her son ignored her, she could not see her beloved granddaughters. Now another blow has been dealt to the woman.

Lyubov Nikolaevna was abandoned by the handsome protégé Yerzhan Nurgaliyev. The sturdy pensioner acted as a producer of a sweet-voiced singer of Kazakh origin, gave him everything of himself, called him her second son.

It was rumored that it was because of Yerzhan that a black cat ran between Racheeva and Revva. The woman calls Nurgaliev “her blood” and admits that she became so attached to the Kazakh tenor that she could not even come to meet her own son when he flew to Sochi.

Racheeva said that Revva came to Krasnaya Polyana on business a few months ago. He called his parents and invited her to a restaurant. However, the woman refused to see him. That day, her protege Yerzhan had a concert. Lyubov Nikolaevna ironed his suit, completely confused, preparing the musician for the performance.

This answer angered Alexander. In his heart he quarreled with his mother.

And now pensioner experienced the pain of loss for the second time. According to her, Yerzhan heard that he was called a gigolo and a womanizer. The singer stopped communicating with the pensioner and left her for Moscow.

Now Lyubov Nikolaevna stated that “as if she had lost her son again”. “This is my mother’s life … Sasha never called me back, but Yerzhan … I had two sons. One is mine, whom I forgot. And the second, who called me “Mom Any” again, was offended…I expect they will both still call me,” quotes a tearful woman

She doesn’t know how to console herself. A mother’s heart bleeds. The pensioner waits for news from her boys.

By Peter Kavinsky

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