They marked the 7th week in the Super League! Running distance…

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Shukurov followed Borini with 12 thousand 543 meters. On the other hand, Torreira from Galatasaray was 4th on the list, while Gedson Fernandes from Beşiktaş was 9th.


1- Borin 12,749
2- Shukurov 12,543
3- Soner Dikmen 12,243
4- Torreira 12,083
5- Muammer Sarikaya 12,043
6- Tolga Cigerci 11,929
7- Jimmy Durmaz 11,924
8- Taylan from Antalya 11,919
9- Gedson Fernandes 11,913
10- Lima 11,853

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