This is family: Nikita Efremov admitted to alcohol addiction

Nikita Efremov.

Nikita Efremov.

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Nikita Efremov said he has an addiction that he is trying to get rid of. The actor admitted that he struggled with alcoholism. Once Nikita fit the bottle too often, but over time he realized that this habit was ruining him.

“I have been drinking too much alcohol for a long time. When I realized the existence of this problem and admitted it, first of all to myself, it became easier to cope with the disease. Unfortunately, alcoholism in Russia is a big problem, and we need to talk about it openly, ”said the actor on the eve of the release of his new film “Sisters”.

The artist admitted that he uses the help of psychologists. They help him not only get rid of alcohol cravings, but also uncontrolled bouts of aggression.

“I have specialists for all problems. And I recommend this or that specialist to my friends. With the help of psychological methods, for example, hitting the pillow with a stick, I get rid of the accumulated aggression. I’m still screaming in the woods,” Nikita said.

Probably, the example of his family helped to realize the depth of his addiction to an alcoholic artist. His father, Mikhail Efremov, started drinking from school and over the years became not only an alcoholic, but also a drug addict. Now the actor is serving time for a drunken accident. Under the influence of drunkenness, he had an accident in which a man was killed.

Nikita’s grandfather, founder of the Sovremennik Theater and artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater Oleg Efremov, also suffered from alcohol addiction. Over the years, the famous actor has earned a whole bunch of diseases: emphysema, duodenal ulcer, pain in the legs. Doctors categorically forbade him to drink. But Oleg Efremov simply reduced the amount of alcohol consumed to a minimum (at his discretion). Two years before his death, his daily norm was a bottle of whiskey with mineral water and a pack of Marlboro.

Nikita Efremov and Irina Starshenbaum at the premiere of the movie "sisters".

Nikita Efremov and Irina Starshenbaum at the premiere of the movie “Sisters”.

A picture: Boris KUDRYAVOV

In the mystical thriller “Sisters” Nikita Efremov and actress Irina Starshenbaum play husbands. At first glance, they are doing well: Anya and Andrey are married and have a little son. She bakes custom cakes at home and sells them through social networks, he has a well-paid job. Andrei takes good care of his family and seems to be a loving husband. But in fact, Anya has long suffered from the hidden aggression of her husband, who beats her. A desperate woman searches for a way to get rid of the culprit, and as a result dark mystical forces come to her aid.

At the premiere, Nikita Efremov said that the role in “Sisters” allowed him to look at himself again. According to the actor, he does not justify his hero, but he perfectly understands why he became like this. Every person has both good and bad. And it depends only on him which side – light or dark – will ultimately weigh more heavily.

By Peter Kavinsky

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