three hits in tall buildings, 10 killed

Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky said that today there are already data on 10 deaths from rocket attacks.

He wrote about this FacebookUkrinform reports.

“Russia continues to carry out massive rocket attacks on the civilian population throughout Ukraine. Today we have three hits on multi-storey buildings. Unfortunately, 10 people were killed. Only from October 10 to November 23, the Russians carried out almost 600 rocket attacks on our territory” , he wrote minister.

He noted that Russia carried out a planned shelling of a maternity hospital in Zaporozhye, where only women were giving birth, babies and medical staff.

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“This is not just a war crime. The Russians deliberately sent S-300 missiles to the place where life is born. The newborn boy was only 2 days old when the Russians took his life,” Monastyrsky stressed.

“It is impossible to imagine a mother’s pain from the loss. But you can understand the justified anger that all Ukrainians feel. Those involved will be held accountable. According to the law and justice,” the minister stressed.

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As reported, during today’s attack, the enemy launched 67 air-launched (Kh-101/Kh-555) and sea-based cruise missiles (“Caliber”). The forces and resources of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in cooperation with other elements of the armed forces, destroyed 51 cruise missiles, as well as 5 Lancet-type kamikaze drones.

30 rockets were fired at Kiev alone, 20 were destroyed.

By Peter Kavinsky

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