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First exclusive Thursday Night Football playing on Amazon Prime Video was a win for the streaming service with 15.3 million viewers. the company announced Today.

Amazon’s successful TNF game highlights the value of what live sports upload to streaming services. On average, TNF games typically earn around 12.84 million through Amazon, Fox, and the NFL network, which used the NFL package until this year.

The total number of viewers last week exceeded Amazon’s expectations of 12.5 million viewers. according to AdAge.

The total figure of 15.3 million viewers for this year’s first Amazon TNF game is a combination of Amazon’s own measurements and Nielsen’s third-party measurements. Nielsen’s measurement alone outsold last year’s TNF Week 2 game audience by 47%, which aired only on the NFL network.

Nielsen’s total views were 13 million viewers, who were selected from Prime Video subscribers in the US, streaming on set-top boxes, connected TVs, web and mobile, and the Amazon Twitch platform, NFL+, out of the home. viewing and over-the-air broadcast in the home markets of the Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs. The data measurement firm calculated the number of viewers for the TNF game as well as the pre-game and post-game shows.

According to Nielsen’s local market ratings, the local broadcast in Los Angeles was watched by an average of 602,000 viewers, and in Kansas City by 555,000 viewers.

Amazon’s own measurements are based on live view data across all device and account types, including streaming on the Amazon Twitch platform. Amazon is also partnering with DirecTV. introduce TNF games to over 300,000 national networks and local businesses. The company added Nielsen numbers to get the final total.

Amazon and Nielsen shut down last month three year deal to measure Prime Video football ratings on Thursday nights. This was the first time Nielsen had included a streamer and his live program on their national television measurement service.

Amazon sent a memo to TechCrunch, which was sent to Amazon employees on Monday, September 19, in which Jay Marin, global head of Amazon Prime Video’s sports department, boasted that “Thursday Night Football” helped Prime Video earn a record number of subscriptions. . The memo was leaked to the public earlier this week.

“The number of viewers exceeded all our expectations,” wrote Marin. “During our TNF broadcast, we also saw the biggest three hours of Prime registration in the US in Amazon’s history, including Prime Day, Cyber ​​Monday, and Black Friday,” the memo says.

Marin also noted that Amazon’s first TNF-exclusive broadcast “became the most watched U.S. prime-time night in the history of Prime Video.”

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