TikTok content creator is modding his car with Wii parts, including a Mario Kart steering wheel

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Peter Kavinsky

TikTok content creator Tyler Atkin is modding his Mazda MX-5 Mk1 with various accessories from the Nintendo Wii.

Atkin, whose channel is known as ttptng on TikTok, is on a quest to transform his vehicle using Nintendo accessories. Over the course of a few weeks, Atkin has replaced a number of components on his vehicle. This includes exchanging the steering wheel with a Wii wheel, used for Mario Kart.

Atkin actually took the vehicle out for a spin using the Wii steering wheel. He later called it a “horrendous experience.“

Chronicling these various modding endeavours, Atikin’s TikTok channel also features videos of him swapping the floor mat with a Wii Fit yoga mat. Additionally, Atkin has replaced his gear stick with a Wii nunchuck. The Mazda also now features a Nintendo Wii in exchange for a radio. The car’s handbrake is now a Wii baseball bat accessory as well.


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The first video in this “series” has over 3 million views. This endeavour is garnering quite a lot of attention for Atkin. While speaking to IGN, Atkin reflected on this viral success. “I just like to mess about with stuff; keeps me busy and I thought I’d record it,” Atkin says. “I put a Wii wheel on about three weeks ago just for something to do and put it on TikTok, told my missus the video would get one million views as a joke, and there’s now two or three videos over three million.”

Although it’s not exactly a practical venture, Atkin’s videos are pretty entertaining to watch. Atkin now refers to the vehicle as Wiiata, a nod to its original Miata name. Additionally, there’s no telling how far Atkin is willing to go with this vehicle. However, he does note that it might make sense to use his Mk2 MX5 as a Wii U-inspired vehicle.

Image credit: Nintendo

Via: IGN

Source: MobileSyrup

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