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TikTok is launching a “dislike” button for global comments for all users, the company says. announced on Friday. Short video app started testing the dislike button in April so that users can identify comments they find inappropriate or inappropriate.

If you click the “Dislike” button next to a comment, it won’t be public and commenters won’t be notified that their comment was disliked. Commenters and other users will also not be able to see how many times a comment has been disapproved. You can also remove your dislike by pressing the button again.

“Earlier this year, we began testing a new way for people to identify comments they find inappropriate or inappropriate,” TikTok said in a post. “After some testing, we are releasing it worldwide. We created it as a new way to hear feedback directly from our community. This allows us to better identify irrelevant or inappropriate comments, which helps us create a comment section for genuine and authentic interaction.”

TikTok states that its top priority with this feature is to create the best experience for users. When TikTok first started testing the button, it explained that it viewed the dislike button as a way to flag comments that might be spam or that don’t make sense in the context of the video they’re posted under. He noted that the dislike button is not seen as a way to report comments, and that users should still use the standard process for reporting comments about harassment, hate speech, bullying, etc.

TikTok has been developing the dislike button for quite some time as a social media consultant. Matt Navarra first noticed this feature in March 2020.

With this latest launch, TikTok joins several other digital platforms that have some variations of the dislike button. For example, YouTube offers a Like button for comments, but the dislike counter is private. On the other hand, Reddit offers a similar upvote button for comments, but the total upvotes and downvotes are public. Twitter also tested private downvote button for replies to tweets.

Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at cablefreetv.org

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