Tkachenko at a meeting of EU ministers to discuss sanctions against Russian propagandists

Ukraine’s Culture and Information Policy Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko will discuss the issue of sanctions against Russian propagandists at a meeting of EU culture ministers.

He said that in the broadcast of the TV channel FreedomUkrinform reports.

“Next week I will speak on this subject at a meeting of the Council of Europe – Ministers of Culture of the entire European Union. It is important that this issue is raised not only by us, but also by our allies in dialogue with the rest of the world. We also raise the issue of criminalizing articles against Russian propagandists. Not just sanctions against them, but criminalization of articles,” the minister emphasized.

Tkachenko believes that it is not enough just to condemn the people who incite war. “Those who call for the murder of Ukrainians have no place in the world. Today it is Ukraine, and tomorrow it could be anywhere,” he said.

“If we talk about the Holodomor and genocide. In fact, they are trying to do the same when they ban the export of Ukrainian grain to African countries, that is, this policy will apply until the Russian Federation is banned from communicating with the whole world,” Tkachenko stressed.

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As Ukrinform reported, the head of the MKIP said that FreeDOM sends text messages to the towers of the frontline zones.

By Peter Kavinsky

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