Tomorrow showers and storms in the eastern third and the Balearic Islands

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Madrid, 22 September (EFE) — Clouds will gradually increase in the eastern third and the Balearic Islands, where showers and storms are expected tomorrow, in places strong in northern Aragon, Catalonia and the Valencian Community, according to the State Meteorological Service. Agency (Aemet).

Cloud intervals will increase until they cover the skies in Galicia and the Cantabria area, albeit with light rain.

The rest of the peninsula will see partly cloudy or intermittent skies but no precipitation.

In the Canary Islands, intervals are expected in the north of the islands, not excluding some light precipitation in more prominent areas; and with some clouds in the south.

Maximum temperatures will decrease in the northwestern part of the peninsula, increase in Cadiz, Valencia, Aragon and Catalonia, and remain with little change in the rest; the low will rise in the center and north of the peninsula and decrease in Extremadura.

The wind will blow from the north in Galicia and from the northwest in the Bay of Biscay, southeast in the lower Ebro, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, mideast in the strait and northeast in the Canary Islands. The rest will have variable light winds.


– GALICIA: in the morning medium and high clouds, among which large glades in the south will open in the afternoon. Possibility of morning fog and even fog in the western third, in the interior of Lugo. In the northern third, light rains have been falling since the end of the day, not excluding a short downpour in the morning. Minimum temperatures with slight decrease on the southwest coast and in the Orense mountains; and in a slight rise in the rest; are maximum during the descent, with the exception of La Marigna and Rias Bajas, where they will remain constant. The wind is northeasterly on the Costa da Morte and variable light in the rest of the region, with a tendency towards the northerly component in the morning, while it intensifies on the south coast and at night in the north.

– ASTURIA: a cloudy sky that will increase until it is covered. Morning fogs or fogs are likely in the hinterland in the northwest. Light showers and showers during the night, less likely in the south, although occasional showers in the Cordillera in the morning are not ruled out. Minimum temperatures on slight ascent and maximum on descent, with little or no change on the coast. Variable light winds that will tend to northerly inland from noon; and in the western and northeastern directions on the coast, being somewhat more intense.

– CANTABRIA: medium to high clouds that will increase until they leave a cloudy or covered sky, with intermittent rain and showers in the afternoon, not excluding fogs and scattered morning fog clouds on the coast and in the far south. Minimum rise and maximum drop in temperature. Variable loose wind that will intensify and will have a westerly component on the coast and a northwesterly direction inland.

– BASQUE COUNTRY: Intervals of medium to high cloud cover and some low at dawn, which will increase during the morning until cloudy or closed skies remain with scattered rain and showers more frequent and intense later in the day in the east. end of Gipuzkoa. Minimum rising and maximum falling temperatures in the west and south and unchanged in Gipuzkoa. Variable light winds that will intensify, with a westerly component on the coast and a northerly component inland.

– CASTILLA AND LEON: Slightly cloudy with intervals of medium to high cloud that will increase during the day from north to south, not excluding light and scattered precipitation in the northern third, especially in the mountains, and in the far east, where evolutionary cloudiness is expected which may be accompanied by thunderstorms. Minimum temperatures are on the rise, except in the southwest, and maximum temperatures are on the decline or no change in the southwest. Variable light winds, NE in NE quadrant and west in others.

– NAVARRE: intervals of high clouds and some low clouds at dawn in the western half, which will increase during the morning until cloudy or closed skies remain, with rain and showers in the afternoon, which may be accompanied by storms, more frequent and intense in Pyrenees and in the eastern third, where at the end of the day they can be locally strong. Minimum rise and maximum temperature with little change. Variable light wind, with a tendency to the north and northwest during the day.

– LA RIOJA: Slightly cloudy skies with intervals of medium to high cloudiness and a definite tendency towards more cloudiness and coverage, not excluding scattered light precipitation which may occasionally be accompanied by a thunderstorm. Low cloud cover and morning fog ridges are also possible. The minimum temperatures are on the rise, and the maximum ones are unchanged or in a slight decrease. Wind south-east with a tendency to weaken, variable at the end of the day.

– ARAGON: Cloudy intervals in the morning, with a tendency towards cloudy skies from noon or covered by showers and storms, which can be locally severe and more likely in the northern third of Aragon and east of Teruel. An increase in temperature, especially the minimum. Gusty wind from the south and southeast.

– CATALONIA: Periods of cloudiness in the early hours of the day, not excluding intermittent rain in the southern half of the coast. There will be a trend towards cloudy or closed skies from noon, with showers and afternoon thunderstorms that can be severe in places. Temperature unchanged or with local rises. Light wind from the south, with moderate breaks on the coast, stronger on the north coast.

– EXTREMADURA: Slightly overcast skies with high overcast, with a small gap in the north. The minimum temperatures decrease, and the maximum ones with slight changes. Variable light wind with a tendency to the westerly component.

– MADRID COMMUNITY: Slightly cloudy skies that will increase with intervals of medium to high clouds, more abundant in the mountains. Minimum temperatures have not changed or slightly increased; maximum unchanged or slightly reduced. The wind is variable and weak with more intense intervals of the south-westerly direction in the middle hours.

– CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: Slightly cloudy skies that will increase in intervals of medium and high clouds, more abundant in the Central and Iberian systems, and also in some interval of cloud evolution. A downpour is not ruled out, sometimes accompanied by a storm in the eastern third. Minimum temperatures rising in the eastern half and unchanged in the rest; highs in slight decline in Guadalajara and Iberica Cuenca and no change in the rest. Variable tailwind with prevailing southerly component in Albacete and southwesterly direction in the rest, in the middle hours.

– VALENCIA COMMUNITY: Partly cloudy in the morning and low chance of showers in coastal areas. In the afternoon, the sky will tend to become cloudy or cloudy, with showers and storms, which is less likely south of Alicante and can be locally strong in the Castellón and Valencia areas. Minimum temperatures have not changed, while maximums have risen in Castellón and Valencia. Variable light breeze with a southerly direction at noon and intermittent moderate winds on the coast in the afternoon.

– MURCIA REGION: Intermittent cloudiness, not excluding occasional showers that may be accompanied by storms, is more likely in the interior in the afternoon. Morning fogs. Temperature with slight fluctuations. The wind is variable, weak, with breezes.

– BALEARIC ISLANDS: periods of cloudiness with occasional and intermittent showers. Temperature with little change. Light wind and coastal breeze.

– ANDALUSIA: Slightly cloudy skies, although with intervals of low overcast and fog on the coast, not excluding fog. Daytime overcast in the eastern third and the rest of the mountains, not excluding intermittent showers since noon, more likely in the eastern mountains. Temperature with slight fluctuations. east wind in the strait; The rest is variable loose, with a slope to the southwest along the Atlantic slope.

– CANARY ISLANDS: cloudy skies in the north of the most prominent islands, with a small chance of light and occasional rain in the early morning and a trend towards cloudy intervals in the middle hours. In the north of Lanzarote partly cloudy with clearings at noon. The rest of the sky is partly cloudy, with high clouds that will stretch from the southeast to the northwest of the archipelago in the afternoon. Temperatures with little change, with some increase in the highlands. The wind is northeasterly, stronger on the southeastern and northwestern slopes of the islands with high relief, where strong gaps are expected at dawn and in the late afternoon. In the central peaks of Tenerife, the wind is southwest. Breezes on coasts facing southwest.

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