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According to the information in the public procurement notice, the transport company (DPP) wants to remove the first 20 trams in 2025 and the next 20 in 2026. After that, it can remove the others if necessary for the contract holders in the following years.

According to two sources of information, the company wants to use a European subsidy for the purchase of the first twenty cars. The vehicles will be needed for the renewal of the car park and the maintenance of the new lines.

This year DPP passed away the construction of the tramline from Divokrky to Sdlit Ddinato be taken into use at the end of January and November of the fifth year, and extends the tram line from Modan to Libu.

In April of this year, a stretch from the village of Barrandov to Holyn was put into operation, which continues all the way to Slivenc. A number of other lines are in progress, for example the track at the top of Vclavská namst or the section connecting Bolzanova Street near Hlavnho Ndra with Vinohradská Street.

According to the information on its website, the company currently owns 802 trams in seven different types. The most numerous group are the so-called T3 RP type cars, of which there are 347. The second most numerous group are the latest 15T for Stadstrams, of which DPP owns 250.

The company has 730 subways, 1,216 buses and a trolleybus. On long and 70 low floor trolleybuses recently issued a tender for 1.18 billion kroner. So the company operates a cable car to Petn.


By Peter Kavinsky

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