Trump Claims The National Archives Has ‘A Group Of Radical Left People Running This Thing’

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Peter Kavinsky

Former President Donald Trump said the National Archives and Records Administration (Nara) is run by a “radical left group”.

The former president’s comments came during an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday night.

He said he understands that “there may be a process” to declassify documents, but “it doesn’t have to be a process” for the US president.

“You are the president, you make that decision. So when you submit it is disqualified. I declassified everything,” he said.

“Now, I declassified things and we were having a lot of problems with Nara,” said the former president.

“You know, Nara is a group of radical left people who run this thing and when you send documents over there, I would say there’s a good chance a lot of those documents will never be seen again,” he added.

However, he did not elaborate on what he meant by the statement.

The former president also reiterated his claim that dozens of secret and confidential documents seized from this Mar-a-Lago house had been declassified.

“You know, there are different people saying different things.

“There doesn’t need to be [a process], as I understand. If you are the president of the United States, you can disqualify just by saying ‘you are disqualified’, even thinking about it. Because you’re shipping to Mar-a-Lago or wherever you’re shipping.”

In the interview, he suggested that the FBI was trying to search Hillary Clinton’s emails at her home and even claimed that the federal agency took away her will.

The former president is being investigated by the Justice Department over whether he broke the law by keeping confidential documents, some of them at the highest level of security, at his home after Nara spent the better part of a year trying to retrieve them.

Peter Kavinsky

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