Trump says war in Ukraine wouldn’t have happened if he were president, brags he could end it

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Donald Trump boasted that the war in Ukraine “wouldn’t have happened if I were president”.

“Russia’s President Putin is now threatening the use of nuclear weapons, saying ‘it’s not a bluff,'” Trump wrote in Truth Social on Wednesday.

“The Ukrainian conflict should never have happened, and it wouldn’t have happened if I were president. But as I made clear a while ago, this could now end up being World War III,” he added.

During a phone interview with Newsmax on Tuesday, Trump said he would meet with Vladimir Putin to stop the war in Ukraine if he were still president.

Host Rob Finnerty said: “Speaking of Russia, Vladimir Putin wanted to show Russian strength in Ukraine when he invaded in February. Mr President, the opposite is happening, that is clear. If you were in the Oval Office today, what else would you do to get directly involved with Vladimir Putin to try to get him to stop this war?”

“Well, I would talk to him, I would meet with him,” Trump said. “I mean, there’s no communication with him with Biden, obviously.”

“There is not a lot of communication between Biden and these leaders. They’re quite brutal and they’re people you have to know how to deal with and we’ve dealt with them well with China,” he added.

“We have received hundreds of billions of dollars in tariffs from China, and there has never been any talk of entering Taiwan, but there is no one to talk to from the United States. [States]. Who did we send there to talk to you?” he asked.

“They have to respect your leadership, if they don’t respect your leadership, they will run over you,” said the former president.

Putin increased his stake in the war on Wednesday, announcing that some 300,000 reservists would be called to join the military ranks. He also reprimanded the West for its support of Ukraine and issued a sinister threat to use nuclear weapons, according to The New York Times newspaper.

In a speech, Putin declined to announce a full national project, revealing a “partial mobilization” of Russians with experience in the military.

Despite major setbacks, as Ukraine retook large swaths of land, Putin said his goals remained unchanged. He said the mobilization effort was “necessary and urgent” as the West “crossed all lines” in providing Ukraine with advanced weaponry.

The Russian president claimed that Europe and the US were committing “nuclear blackmail” and noted that Russia also has “a lot of weapons”.

“Whoever is allowed such statements about Russia, I want to remind you that our country also has several means of destruction, and some components are more modern than those of NATO countries,” he said.

He added that Russia would be willing to use any means necessary to protect what it considers its territory, which includes parts of Ukraine.

“If our country’s territorial integrity is threatened, we will certainly use all means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people,” he said. The New York Times newspaper. “This is not a bluff.”

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