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Detained defendant Besra Y. was brought to the first hearing at the Istanbul 27th High Criminal Court. The lawyers of the defendants and the lawyer of TÜGVA were also present at the hearing.

According to the news in DHA, Besra Y., whose identity was questioned, said that she is single, does not have any job, and that she sometimes babysits an elderly woman with dialysis in the same neighborhood as her, and that her monthly income is 2 thousand TL.


Defendant Besra Y. denied the accusations and said, “I did not attack any place, I did not act under the orders of any organization. They showed me the footage from the police station, it is not me.” Defendant Besra Y. said that she had nothing to do with the PKK and the Communist Labor Party of Turkey/Leninist organizations.

Defendant Besra Y., who stated that the police took her while she was in the hospital where she was due to her father’s illness, claimed that the police drove her around for a while, her bag was taken by the police, and then they asked her about the flash memory (memory card) in her bag. The President of the Court, “Where were you on the day of the incident?” To the question, Besra Y. said, “I was with my sister. We were playing okey with my sister and her children. I stayed there. The day they said coincides with that day.”


The President of the Court said, “You said ‘I am doing dark things’ to your beloved Kazım. Why did you say that?” Besra Y. said, “I was joking with him. I think it was for a financial reason, I don’t remember exactly.” When the judge reminded the defendant that he was being tried with a serious crime, he said, “I was just kidding”. Photographs of the suspect in the file and identified in the images were shown to the accused. Defendant Besra Y. demanded her release, saying that she was not the person in the photograph. The defendant’s lawyer said, “Let’s examine the images in their raw form. It is said that his clothes have been changed, so we can see it when we enlarge it. ” said.


The complainant TÜGVA’s lawyer said, “We have material and moral damages. We have a request to participate. I think the accused committed the crime. There are witnesses, those who saw the accused, and there are camera recordings. He gets on the buses, the metrobus, respectively. The clothes are thrown into the trash, the DNA matches. The memory card comes out in his bag. “This card contains articles about the incident and terrorist organizations. Therefore, we demand that he be punished.”


The court decided to continue the detention of the accused. It was decided to ask where the defendant’s Istanbul card was used and to hear witnesses, including the defendant’s sister. The hearing was adjourned.


In the indictment prepared by the Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Bureau of the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, TÜGVA Gaziosmanpaşa Representative Office took place as “crime victimized”. In the indictment, it was stated that an explosion occurred at the TÜGVA Gaziosmanpaşa Representative Office at around 05:55 on April 21, 2022. As a result of the examination of the cameras showing the scene of the crime, it was stated that it was determined that a suspicious person, who looks like a woman and has a covered face, coming from Şakir Zümre Street at around 05:40, left an object at the scene after waiting for 10 seconds in front of the foundation. It was noted that the object that caused the explosion was found to be a handmade, timed, pipe-type bomb, in the first examination made by the Istanbul Police Department Bomb Disposal Department officials.

It was stated that the suspect got on the IETT bus in front of Cengiz Topel Street after the act, threw the clothes on two trash cans in Çamlık Park in Halkalı, a criminal investigation was made on the clothes, and as a result of extensive camera studies, it was determined that the suspect Besra Y. carried out the act. . It was reported that the suspect Besra Y., who was found to be in Pendik Training and Research Hospital, was caught on 26 April 2022 at around 14.40 as a result of the operation.

In the indictment, after the Claw-Lock Operation launched on April 18, 2022, the organizations that saw the statements of Duran Kalkan, one of the founders and senior executives of the PKK/KCK armed terrorist organization as an action instruction, united to form the People’s United Revolution Movement (HBDH), and the action against the TÜGVA representation was also stated. emphasized by this movement. It was stated that the suspect Besra Y. was operating within the Turkish Communist Labor Party/Leninist (TKEP/L) terrorist organization, and this organization was also under the umbrella of HBDH.

In the notes taken personally by the suspect Besra Y., it was also stated that he carried out a reconnaissance work with date and time details for the district governorship, police departments, courthouses, AK Party and MHP District Presidencies, military areas and public institutions and organizations. In the indictment, it was also stated that after the explosion, a total of 45 thousand liras of material and repair damage occurred in the TÜGVA building. Suspect Besra Y. was sentenced to 23 years, 9 months to 60 years in prison for the crimes of “Being a member of an Armed Terrorist Organization, Damaging Property, Possession of Dangerous Goods Unauthorized or Changing Hands, Using Explosives in a Style That May Create Fear, Anxiety or Panic”.

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