Turkey 140-44 Albania MATCH RESULT-SUMMARY

A National Women’s Basketball Teamdefeated Albania 140-44 in the third match of FIBA ​​2023 European Championship Qualification Group D.

The team, which started the game fast, closed the first period 35-10 ahead with the points they found in the opponent’s pot.

Nationals who played effectively against their opponents in both offense and defense in the second period, Tilbe Senyurek and Teaira McCowan‘s points under the opponent’s basket, increasing the difference to 58, finished the half with a superiority of 74-16.

Continuing its superiority in the match in the third quarter, the crescent-star team increased the difference to 78 in this period. The Nationals were leading 107-29 in the last quarter.

A National Women’s Basketball Team, which increased the difference to 96 in the last period, won the hall 140-44.

Living room: Servet Tazegul

Referees: Dumitru Stasiev (Moldova), Natasa Dragojevic (Montenegro), Natalie Galuk (Israel)

Turkey: Pelin Bilgic 14, Olcay Cakir 8, Meltem Yildizhan 10, Teaira McCowan 28, Tilbe Şenyürek 20, Love Long 7, Melis Gulcan 4, Bahar Caglar Okten 8, Alperi Repair 15, Elif İstanbulluoğlu 4, Tuğçe Canıtez 14, Gökşen Fitik 8,

Albania: Dam 6, Lalaj 6, Memushi 2, Shallo, Verri 6, Lugaj 9, Palko 2, Dishnica 7, Qosja 4, Pellumbi, Mala 2, Gjoni

1st Period: 35-10

Circuit: 74-16

3. Period: 107-29


Former national basketball player before the match Nilay Yigit KartaltepeTurkey Basketball Federation (TBF) Deputy Chairman Ömer Onan was presented with a national team jersey for his contributions to Turkish basketball.

After her active sports career, Nilay Yiğit Kartaltepe continues her duty as the Director of the Women’s National Teams of the Turkish Basketball Federation.

The crescent and star team will meet Slovenia on Sunday, November 27 at 18:00 in the same hall.

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By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at