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twitch is cracking down on some gambling sites after a streamer swindled tens of thousands of dollars from his peers to fuel a betting habit, sparking an uproar about how the platform should handle gambling in the process.

On the weekend, his likerstreamer from the UK who gained some popularity back in 2019 after appearance on game show streams, was accused of misleading Twitch numbers into lending him large amounts of cash. According to Discord logs linked in Reddit threaditsSliker claimed that his bank account was blocked and he needed help while the account was frozen.

A number of well-known streamers have come forward with similar stories of being contacted to help ItSliker with his financial needs under similar circumstances, including Ludwig Agren, Mizkif, Lukafkfan and Trainwreck, who said he once paid a lesser-known streamer around $45,000. The most popular Twitch streamer of 2021, xQc, has promised to help get back the lost money. estimating the total amount around $300,000.

itsSliker spoke about his problems with gambling in weekend video, admitting that he has a gambling addiction, and explaining that it all started with betting using in-game skins in the ten-year-old game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. After that, he “started playing for money”, moving to sports betting.

“I met streamers and asked them if I could borrow money,” he said. “And obviously I wouldn’t give them a reason, because it was a gamble – I would lie to them.”

As the scandal spreads, Twitch influencers including Pokimane, Devin Nash, Mizkif, Ludwigas well as Hassan Piker called on the company to ban gambling on the platform, and some threatened to boycott Twitch for a week or more in protest.

Twitch reacted to the situation – and the threat from some of its biggest streamers – on Tuesday, saying it will issue a policy update next month to ban “slots, roulette or dice” games that are not licensed in the US or other countries. markets with strong consumer protection. The new partial action against gambling streams will block sites such as the cryptocurrency betting center,, and

Twitch noted that it will continue to “allow websites dedicated to sports betting, fantasy sports, and poker,” leaving enough space on the platform for some of the most popular forms of betting.

Some streamers were happy to win at gambling, which they felt had no place on Twitch. Others were quick to point out the company’s half measures. would do nothing to influence the scam that started the conversation.

Trainwreck, one of the streamers targeted by itsSliker scam, objected to widespread anti-gambling sentiment while raising awareness. about nearby predatory behaviorsuch as Twitch streamers who lure people into signing up to betting sites to win live draws, or those who only show winnings without depicting the reality of their betting losses.

As the scandal escalated, the inevitable backlash rightly pointed to Twitch stars quickly organizing an anti-gambling pressure campaign despite failing to organize against other major systemic issues that still plague the platform, in including harassment and hate speech against marginalized streamers.

Whether you believe that gambling has a place on Twitch or not, a conversation that started from some kind of interpersonal drama between streamers gets pretty confusing. Twitch may please some of its biggest names with a promise to drop a few gambling domains, but ultimately the platforms can do little when it comes to scammers using good old social engineering to manipulate the people around them.

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