UK pledges aid to Ukraine in winter – DW – 11/25/2022

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley left for an unannounced visit to Kyiv on 24 November to meet with the leadership Ukraine and assure him of support during the winter period and in the longer term, said the cabinet of the minister on Friday 25 November.

“The UK stands shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine. As winter approaches, Russia continues to try to break Ukraine’s resolve through brutal attacks against civilians, hospitals and energy infrastructure. Russia will not succeed. U.S support will continue as long as it takes for this beautiful land to recover. I have personally seen how our aid helps brave citizens to resist and rebuild what has been destroyed,” Cleverley said.

Aid in Kherson’s recovery

He promised to allocate three million pounds to Ukraine for recovery vital infrastructure and another five million to supply grain to the poorest countries such as Sudan and Yemen. Cleverley noted that a significant portion of London’s aid will be used to rebuild infrastructure in recently liberated areas of southern Ukraine, including Kherson.

James Cleverley arrived in Ukraine just a few days after the country was visited by new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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