Ukraine proposes to adopt a UN Security Council resolution condemning energy terrorism

The UN Security Council must provide a clear assessment of the actions of a terrorist state in accordance with its Charter. Ukraine proposes that the Security Council adopt a resolution condemning any form of energy terror.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy said this in a speech at a meeting of the UN Security Council convened after Russian missile strikes, reports Ukrinform.

Mr President, ladies and gentlemen!

We await a harsh world response to today’s Russian terror. We await the response from partners. We await the response of friends – not just observers. We await the response of all those who truly recognize the UN Charter.

We do our best. Ukraine presented the formula for peace. The world heard her.

10 points on how to restore the full force of the UN Charter, which has been violated by Russia, and how to improve the security of Ukraine, the security of Europe and all the peoples of the planet suffering from the consequences of Russian aggression guaranteed.

In response to our formula for peace, Russia is stepping on the points of its formula of terror.

The next day after I presented the Ukrainian peace formula at the G19 summit in Indonesia, we received ten Russian missiles for every item in the peace formula. The blows continued.

We freed Kherson. And as soon as the Russian army fled from there, it began to methodically destroy this city. Every day is a blow.

This night – another missile attack on the Zaporozhye region, on the hospital – on the buildings where the maternity ward was located. Russian terrorists have taken the life of a baby – the child was two days old when he was killed by a Russian missile!

And then again – dead, dead, dozens injured. In Vyshgorod this afternoon – a hit in a residential building, 35 people were injured, four died.

This is one of the main points of the Russian terror formula – missiles.

Almost 70 missiles against our energy infrastructure today alone. Unfortunately, there are hits in a residential building. Hospitals, schools, transportation, residential areas – everything was hit.

Russian terror led to a blackout, and not only in Ukraine. The light also disappeared in neighboring Moldova.

But nowhere in the world should there be an understanding of exactly what Russia wants to achieve with such attacks.

Energy terrorism is analogous to the use of weapons of mass destruction.

When temperatures drop below freezing and tens of millions of people are left without electricity, heat and water as a result of Russian missiles hitting energy facilities, this is an obvious crime against humanity.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Among you are representatives of a state that offers the world nothing but terror, destabilization and disinformation. All Russian formulas do not imply anything else.

And that is why I emphasize once again: it is time to support the Ukrainian formula for peace!

There must be no more room for terror in the world!

That’s why we turn to our partners for support to protect our airspace. We need modern and efficient air defense and missile defense systems, and I thank everyone who is already helping.

What can a representative of a terrorist state tell you now? That civilians are not bothered by their missiles? Everything is clear. Everything is too clear.

And I urge you to take concrete steps in defense of humanity and life!

Russia has long sought to turn the UN Security Council into a platform for rhetoric. But the Security Council was established as the world’s most powerful platform for decisions and actions. This is what we can prove.

The Security Council must provide a clear assessment of the actions of a terrorist state in accordance with Article 7 of the UN Charter. Ukraine proposes that the Security Council adopt such a resolution – condemning any form of energy terror.

Let’s see if anyone in the world can say, along with Russia, that terror against civilians is supposedly a good thing.

I reaffirm Ukraine’s invitation regarding the mission of UN experts to our state’s critical infrastructure facilities that have been or could be hit by Russian missiles.

A proper assessment of damage and destruction must be carried out. It should be noted that these are attacks on the infrastructure that ensures the lives of tens of millions of people.

And finally, it is necessary to restore justice within the UN structures themselves.

A terrorist state should not take part in voting on issues of its aggression, its terror.

It is a dead end when the one who started the war, when the one responsible for the terror, blocks any attempt by the UN Security Council to carry out its mandate.

It is nonsense that the right of veto is reserved for those who wage the criminal war.

It is necessary to pull the world out of this impasse.

It is quite possible.

The world must not be held hostage by one international terrorist.

Russia is doing everything to make the power generator a more powerful and necessary tool than the UN Charter. We must and can give real meaning to all things, and especially to the UN Charter.

We need your solutions!

Thank you for the opportunity!

Thanks for the attention!

Glory to Ukraine!

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By Peter Kavinsky

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