Ukraine’s armed forces hit a column of enemy equipment at the border crossing in Nova Kakhovka

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The fire control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Nova Kakhovka halted repair work on the bridge and struck a column of military equipment preparing to cross the Dnieper.

such data made public Operational command “South”, reports Ukrinform.

“The situation in terms of responsibility towards Yuzhnobuzhskoye is quite complicated, dynamic, but controlled. The armed forces continue to conduct active operations, forcing the enemy to give up their positions, to equip new defense lines. With no success and prospects on land, the enemy resorts to fire, moral and psychological pressure, man-made blackmail and the use of kamikaze drones.

During the battle day, the Russians launched nine air and one missile strikes on the positions of the armed forces of Ukraine and settlements with civilians.

The General Staff reports that the enemy has increased the use of kamikaze drones to destroy civilian infrastructure, including in rear areas, at considerable distances from the front line.

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“In the middle of the day I sent two shock drones to the coastal zone of Ochakov. One drone was shot down, the second dealt a self-destructive blow to the coast. People were not injured. shot to pieces drone An Iranian-made Shahed-136 kamikaze drone has been identified, which is marked as “Geran-2″ by the Russian occupation forces. This is hanging ammunition, weighing 200 kg and having a wingspan of 2.5 meters,” the General Staff said.

By evening, the aggressor hit the Bashtansky district with two missiles of the Smerch multiple-missile system. Electricity supplies were interrupted in several settlements. No human loss.

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Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine completed seven attacks on the enemy. In the skies over Charivne, in the Kherson region, an enemy Su-25 attack aircraft was destroyed, and in the Murakhivka region, in the Mykolaiv region, attempts by aerial reconnaissance of the invaders were suppressed – two Orlan-10s were shot down.

Missile and artillery units conducted more than 210 firing missions at the enemy command post in the Berislav region, the concentration of troops and equipment in the Gavrilovka and Chernobaevka regions, along the Daryevsky Bridge and the pontoon crossing at Novaya Kakhovka. Also in Nova Kakhovka, fire control stopped repair work on the bridge and hit a column of military equipment preparing to cross the Dnieper.

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Enemy losses – 151 soldiers and more than 40 pieces of equipment. Including: seven tanks and 19 armored vehicles, four howitzers, including self-propelled “Msta-S” and conventional “Msta-B”, two self-propelled howitzers “Acacia”, four self-propelled gun mounts.

“The pre-reconnaissance data from previous defeats shows that another 62 rashists, five armored vehicles were destroyed, the defeat of the ammunition depot in Blagodatnoye, the command post of the 7th Airborne Assault Division in Chernobaevka was confirmed,” added the Yug OK .

As reportedUkraine’s armed forces liquidated approximately 54,810 Russian soldiers from February 24 to September 20.

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