“Ukrainian saboteurs” killed by the FSB turned out to be airsofters – DW – 11/25/2022

Killed by employees of the Russian special services”Ukrainian saboteursturned out to be residents of Voronezh who were fond of airsoft. This is according to research by The Moscow Times, published on Thursday 24 November.

Journalists from The Moscow Times found the personal pages of two of the three dead on social networks. One of them – Vladimir Kotovsky, according to acquaintances – “an ordinary techie, a hard worker” and “a supporter of Navalny“. The second bore the pseudonym Stalker Phosgen. Judging by the entries on their pages, both were fans of the computer game STALKER. In the Voronezh airsoft community, their identity was confirmed in the publication.

As the journalists found out, the flag with the image of a green wolf and the inscription “Will” found on one of the dead is actually the emblem of the Svoboda group from the STALKER video game. The Vesti program on the Rossiya 1 TV channel previously stated that this is a symbol of the Ukrainian party “Will”, founded by the “Civil Sector of Euromaidan”, and the dead were called “Ukrainian terrorists”.

November 23 at Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) announced the “suppression of sabotage attempts” at military and energy facilities in the Kharkov region. According to the FSB, the “sabotage” was allegedly prepared by three members of a “conspiratorial cell of supporters of Ukrainian nationalist ideology”. All were killed by the FSB: it was alleged that “the leader and his two accomplices” put up “armed resistance” during the arrest.

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