Ukrainian sneakily entered Lyman. Kadyrov wants to surrender nuclear weapons


Ukrainian media showed groups of Ukrainian soldiers raising the Ukrainian flag at the entrance to Lyman. According to the newspaper Ukrainska pravda, the video was published by Andriy Jermak of the presidential office. On Saturday evening, President Zelenskyi said there is fighting going on in the city, but there are no signs of the pseudo-referendum that Russia has mounted.

On the first day we unfurled our national flag and raised it on our land. Lyman will be Ukrainian, what about the soldiers on the video report. According to the Meduza portal, witnesses from the city said they saw soldiers in the western half of the city.

Moscow confirmed the withdrawal of Russian troops from Lyman just a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an agreement on annexing the region where Lyman is located and other Ukrainian countries to Russia.

The leader of the Russian Autonomous Republic of Ukraine, Kadyrov, initially responded to the Lyman move with a post on social unrest, accusing the commander of the Russian Central Military District, Alexander Lapin, of this development and calling for the use of tactical nuclear weapons against French countries, ie in the region, which Russia has annexed.

In Lyman, Ukrainian officials may have trapped thousands of Russian soldiers in the Ukrainian encirclement, according to two sources. According to Ukrainian media, the governor of the Luhansk region, Serhii Hajday, has announced the encirclement of more than 5,000 Russian soldiers. According to Hajdaj, Rut soldiers begged for permission to withdraw, but the Russian commander refused.

Some people are giving up, there are many dead and wounded, but the operation is not over yet, Serhiy Erevatyi, the head of the Eastern Group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, told the besieged Russians.

We’re surrounded. I just choose to say goodbye to an unnamed Russian soldier in an overheard phone call, his tape was published by a Ukrainian intelligence agency.

However, the encirclement of the Russian forces was not complete, as the Ukrainian command did not announce the capture of the village of Torske, which, according to the BBC, was initially fought for by both sides.

According to the Reuters agency, Lyman’s destruction represents a serious problem for the Kremlin and its efforts to control the entire industrial region of Donbas. Russia used the city as a supply and transport hub for operations in the north of the Donetsk region. According to Reuters, Russia may be on the cusp of one of the worst long-term attacks on Ukraine.

Portal Meduza predicted that the loss of Lyman would mean a threatened position for Russia in the neighboring Luhansk region. For this cutback, the Russian commander will have to deploy a strong force, which he wanted to deploy to the south of Ukraine as soon as possible. If Moscow did not take such a step, it could lose recognition of the Luhansk region, the court of Meduza.

Putin announced a massive mobilization to support Russian troops in Ukraine. According to Ukrainian General TV, Russia will deploy military bicycle listeners in the battle due to the lack of female officers.

Russians turned against civilians

The Russians in the northeast of Ukraine fortified the recently liberated cities. the flow took place on the 25th zv so-called ed zn, ie between the Russian-occupied country and the Ukraine-controlled territory. However, the media reported about him on Saturday.

Twenty-two people, including a wife and 13 children. This is the terrible result of the Russian seven-car armored convoy between the villages of Kurylivka and Piane in the Kupyan district, Oleh Synhubov from the Kharkov region reported.

The occupiers hunted down civilians trying to escape from the hideout. It is cruelty that cannot be justified, the governor said in an earlier press release. He added that a criminologist had gone to the city to find out the details.


By Peter Kavinsky

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