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It was the Oskil River that Russian troops attempted to include in their defense line after the Ukrainians drove them out of much of Kharkov Oblast this month.

“The battlefield situation remains complex, but Ukraine is now putting pressure on territory that Russia deems essential to achieve its war goals,” the British ministry said.

The Ukrainian army command then announced that Ukrainian forces had repulsed enemy attacks near eight municipalities, citing most towns in the Donetsk region, including Avdijivka. The Ukrainians also managed to destroy a Russian Mi-8 helicopter, according to the Army General Staff report.

A railway junction in the city of Jasynuvata was also targeted. According to the news channel Nexta, a train carrying Russian T-62 tanks that had just arrived there was hit.

In addition, Russian troops fired on Zaporozhye on the night of Friday, just like the previous one, Anatoly Kurtev, a representative of Zaporozhye City Hall, said, according to the Unian agency.

He said the attack damaged civilian infrastructure in the city and seven houses. Zaporozhye region governor Oleksandr Staruch said three people were injured.


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