UN reacts to discriminatory treatment of women by Taliban in Afghanistan

Afghanistan response from the UN

UN In a written statement made by human rights experts, news about Taliban members “inflicting violence on women” and “banning female students from entering universities” in the last few months were discussed.

In the statement, AfghanistanEmphasizing that the increasing violations of women’s fundamental rights and freedoms are unacceptable, “Taliban officials’ violation of their rights and freedoms by targeting women can reach the level of gender-based oppression and crimes against humanity.” statement was included.

It has been noted that while the secondary education ban for young girls continues, women’s access to public spaces is increasingly restricted, and in various regions, some women walking around the streets without covering their faces or wearing colorful clothes are beaten.

Responding to the arrest of the activist Zarifa Yakubi and her 4 people on November 3, who protested the Taliban, the statement said, “We are concerned about the situation of detained human rights defenders and we remind the Taliban that detaining people who defend their fundamental rights is an unlawful act.” has been warned.

In the statement, the Taliban “to abide by Afghanistan’s responsibilities within the scope of international human rights”, “release Zarifa Yaqubi and his 4 people”, “respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of women”, “to lift the ban on secondary education for female students as soon as possible”. ‘ and ‘end bans on women’s access to public spaces’.

The international community was called upon to take action to defend the rights of Afghan women.

* Images of the news are served from Associated Press’s video.

By Peter Kavinsky

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