UN Security Council to limit veto “in case of mass crimes”

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Peter Kavinsky

French President Emmanuel Macron has called for a reform of the United Nations Security Council.

Macron said this during the general debate of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, reports a Ukrinform correspondent.

“I would like us to finally take up the reform of the Security Council so that it would be more representative, so that new permanent members would work. And so that she can really play her part by limiting the use of the veto in case of mass crimes,” Macron said.

He called on UN members to act so that Russia would give up the war on Ukraine.

“It’s not about choosing a camp between East and West or North and South. We are talking about the responsibility of all who respect the UN Charter and our greatest value and good peace. Because in addition to the war, we are talking about the division of the world as a result of the direct and indirect consequences of this conflict,” the French leader explained.

According to him, some countries are in a neutral position regarding Russia’s war against Ukraine, and those who want to pursue such a policy of “non-alignment” are making a historic mistake. “After all, this is a struggle in the name of peace, for the sake of state sovereignty, for the territorial integrity of all,” Macron stressed, adding that those who remain silent today “become complicit in modern imperialism and cynicism.”

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The French president also said: “Russia is trying to get the idea of ​​double standards implemented today. But the war in Ukraine should not be a conflict that people are indifferent to.” He stressed that everyone must play a role to end this war.

“This war unleashed by Russia despises the principles underlying our organization, the principles of the only possible world order. After all, the only thing that can guarantee peace is respect for national sovereignty and the inviolability of borders,” he emphasized. macron.

According to him, in the light of the war in Ukraine, the distinction is very simple: Do you support the principle that whoever is strong is right? Are you for respect for the sovereignty and independence of countries? Are you for impunity? There can be no world order and lasting peace if the principles of respect for sovereignty and peoples are not laid in the foundation.”

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“Our values ​​are universal, so they should never serve a power that violates these principles,” Macron said. He added: “In recent years we have been very liberal with these values, and this is a mistake.”

“When I hear Russia say that it is ready to work on new forms of cooperation, on a new geo-order without hegemony, it sounds great. But on what basis? Capture a neighbor? Ignore principles you don’t like? Who is acting like a hegemon today? Isn’t it Russia?’ Macron summed up.

Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at cablefreetv.org

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