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Interested parties can find tables, a manual and an alimony calculator on the new website www.vyzivne.justice.czwhich the ministry is launching this week.

“The new recommendation table is primarily intended as an aid to the public, so that they can determine the approximate amount of alimony themselves. It should help parents to come to an agreement themselves in various situations, be it breaking an informal union or adjusting a minor’s circumstances during a divorce. So that people with a distorted image do not enter into negotiations with the other parent,” says Jakub Sosna of the law department of the Ministry of Justice. According to Sosna, it is not the ambition to steer legal practice.

In 2010, the ministry made recommendations for determining child benefits. The current table takes into account five age categories, namely children under five, from six to nine years, from ten to 14 years, from 15 to 17 years and older than 18 years .

According to her, alimony could correspond to a part of the net income, which decreases with a larger number of dependent offspring. In general, it ranges from 11 to 25 percent per child, depending on age and number of dependents.

According to last year’s analysis, the table does not correspond to legal practice. The ministry has therefore amended the advice. In the new table, there are four age categories instead of five, the share of alimony in net income has fallen slightly and four supported children are included instead of a maximum of three.

According to Sosna, a new control amount is also set, so that a certain part of the money remains when the parents pay alimony. It is based on an unavailable minimum or share of income.

The new table establishes indicative child support for children up to five years, from six to ten years, from 11 to 15 years and older than 16 years. Child benefit varies from eight to twenty percent, depending on the age and number of dependents. According to Sosna, the table is only a guideline and cases should be judged according to specific conditions.

Ownership and rental properties or residences are taken into account. Sosna pointed out that what a person uses for heating and how much he pays for energy can now play a role in living standards. In addition to the net income, the size of childcare and the degree of contact must also be taken into account. If both parents take care of the child, the amount must correspond to the care ratio.

It has already been suggested that the amount of alimony should not only be recommended by a table, but should be accurately determined by a binding decision. “We have not found a reason for this. We continue to believe that there are a number of factors that must be taken into account individually when determining the amount of alimony. The discretion of parents and courts is irreplaceable. The amount cannot be automated and can be determined by machine,” says Sosna.


Peter Kavinsky

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