Urcullu asks for a permanent government commission to complete the Statute.

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Vitoria, 22 September (EFE) — Legendary Iñigo Urcullu called this Thursday for the establishment of a permanent commission between the Basque government and the central government to “guarantee that the Statute of Guernica is fully respected.”

At the plenary meeting of the General Policy, which this Thursday opens the parliamentary course in Euskadi, Urkullu lamented that 43 years after its approval, the Basque Statute is the only one of all the Autonomous Communities that has not been “updated” and has not been completed. despite the fact that it is “an organic law which directly develops the Constitution”.

He criticized that “in practice” Basque politics is “constantly on the verge of an intrusion of law or regulation of the state”, because at that time the government approved decree laws and made decisions at industry conferences without taking into account the “multinational reality”. .

“It worries me that one side ascribes to itself the role of the sole interpreter of the law and finds out whether it is appropriate and when” each transmission, Urcullu explained, calling for “getting rid of the temptation of unilateral action and seeking bilateral agreements” to complete the Statute and thus put the end of the years of “stagnation”.

In this sense, Lehendakari demanded adherence to the calendar for the rescheduling of the upcoming conferences that both executives agreed to in 2020, and demanded the materialization of the “three political impulses” as a “proof of confidence”.

One of them is the convening of a permanent commission between the governments of the two countries to establish the “forms and foundations” of each upcoming transfer. “We are set to negotiate and agree,” and it is also necessary to create a “system of guarantees” in order for the agreement to be fulfilled, he stressed.

Urkullu also demanded that open negotiations on the transfer of the railways be completed “immediately” and that bilateral working groups be established “immediately” to discuss the five powers directed by the Basque government: meteorology, cinematography protection, coastal management. , migration and rescue at sea.

“We are at a turning point”, and therefore it is time not only to “seal recognized self-government”, but also to “renew, deepen and expand it”, and also “avoid the temptations of recentralization through invasive legislation”.

Urkullu demanded, as another means of strengthening self-government, the participation of Basque institutions in “decision-making forums and in European and international organizations” for actions to be developed in the fields of competence of the Basque Country.

He advocated a Europe “understood as a union of its constituent peoples, based on the principle of subsidiarity and with multi-level governance”, which gives “space to the peoples, nations, societies and governments” that are in it.

Lehendakari also advocates building a “strong, more integrated” Europe and calls for a “rebuilding” of the EU to become a “relevant player” in this time of “crisis and uncertainty”.

This change should include, in his opinion, “a new scheme of relations with neighboring countries” and “a review of its administration” to determine “what decisions should be made unanimously and which by qualified majority.” He also advocates “the creation of a common defensive space”. EFE


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