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China said it had been monitoring the ships and issued a warning, with armed forces on alert, Beijing said.

The US guided-missile cruiser USS Higgins sailed through the Taiwan Strait along with the Canadian frigate HMCS Vancouver on Tuesday. According to US Navy spokesman Mark Langford, the maneuver shows the commitment of the United States and its allies to maintain a free Indo-Pacific area. The movement of the ships themselves was described as routine by the Navy. The ships pass through the corridor, which is outside the sovereign waters of coastal states.

China said it was monitoring and warning the ships. China’s armed forces are on high alert and determined to “repel all threats and provocations,” Beijing said. A government spokesman in Beijing also said today that China will do everything it can to achieve a peaceful reunification with Taiwan. Beijing still has the same determination to defend its territory, the spokesman added.

The navigation of the ships was also controlled by Taiwan, according to which, however, the situation remained normal.

The maneuver of the two ships came after US President Biden said in an interview with CBS on Sunday that US troops would defend Taiwan in the event of an “unprecedented attack” by China. This has added fuel to the already tense relations between Washington and Beijing, according to CNN.

Indeed, China reacted sharply to the August visit to Taiwan by the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and organized large-scale naval and air exercises in Taiwanese waters in response.

In the interview, Biden again stepped outside of the long-held US stance on Taiwan, the Reuters agency stressed. Washington only maintains official diplomatic relations with Beijing, while it severed official relations with Taipei in 1979.

However, the United States has unofficial relations with Taiwan. In the latest interview, Biden reiterated that the US does not support Taiwanese independence and recognizes the One China policy.

China considers Taiwan part of its territory and threatens military intervention if it declares independence. Yet Taiwan has been de facto independent since 1949, with its own government and democratic establishment.


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