US announces $376 million aid to Venezuelans

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Washington (EFE) — US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced this Thursday a new $376 million humanitarian aid package for Venezuelans in Venezuela and elsewhere to ease the migration crisis in the region.

Blinken said in a statement that this funding will go to food, housing, access to healthcare, sanitation, hygiene and protection programs for vulnerable groups such as women, youth, indigenous people and the LGBT community.

“To respond to the needs of the most vulnerable Venezuelans in Venezuela, Venezuelan refugees and migrants, and the generous communities that host them in the region,” Blinken said.

The leader of American diplomacy said that this package is part of the commitments agreed at the Summit of the Americas in June in Los Angeles (USA), where twenty countries of the continent agreed to cooperate to curb migration flows.

Venezuela, the central issue for the US

Of the $376 million, about $181 million will be distributed through the State Department’s Immigration Service and more than $194 million through the US Development Agency.

More than seven million people in Venezuela are vulnerable, according to the State Department. 6.8 million Venezuelans in 17 countries of the region.

With the new package, the humanitarian aid the US has given to Venezuelans since 2017 is $2.7 billion.

File photo of Venezuelan migrants waiting for help in New York (USA). EFE/Javier Otazu

US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday his immigration priority is to stop the arrival of migrants from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

In that sense, Blinken announced on Wednesday a new $200 million humanitarian aid package meant for Mexico and Central America to contain the migration crisis.

The president has indicated that it is “irrational” to deport them to their countries that the US does not consider democracies, for which he is working with Mexico and other governments to stop the flow of arrivals to the US border.

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