US calls for an immediate end to the escalation in northern Syria

The United States shares Turkey’s concerns about the threat of terrorism, but calls for an immediate end to the escalation in northern Syria, where Ankara has launched a counter-terrorist operation.

This is in it official statement The United States Department of State reports Ukrinform.

“The United States is calling for an immediate de-escalation in northern Syria,” the document read.

Washington has expressed deep concern over the latest hostilities in the region. The State Department emphasizes that this only destabilizes the situation in the region, threatens the common goals – the fight against ISIS – and also poses a threat to the civilian population and US personnel.

“We understand that Turkey has legitimate concerns about terrorism. At the same time, we have consistently expressed deep concern about how the escalation in Syria affects our objectives against ISIS and the civilians on both sides of the border,” he noted. in the statement.

The United States also expressed its condolences for the deaths of civilians in Syria and Turkey.

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As Ukrinform reported, the Turkish Defense Ministry launched the Claw-Sword counter-terrorist operation in northern Iraq and Syria late last week, targeting the PKK and Kurdish YPG.

The operation began a week after the explosion in Istanbul, which killed six people and injured 81 others. Turkey believes it was a terrorist attack, involving both said Kurdish associations.

On Wednesday This is what the Turkish Ministry of Defense has saidthat 254 terrorists were neutralized and 471 targets were hit in northern Syria and Iraq.

By Peter Kavinsky

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