Victoria Bonya was hospitalized after climbing a mountain in Nepal

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Bonya decided to climb the mountain Manaslu with a height of 8163 meters. Photo: social networks.

Victoria Bonya got in touch with fans from Nepal. Two days ago, the TV host ended up in the hospital. The 42-year-old model climbs the first peak of her life: she decided to climb the mountain Manaslu with a height of 8163 meters. Even in the camp, Victoria began to have health problems due to severe mountain sickness. Adapting to the highlands was very difficult. She developed cerebral edema. According to the TV presenter, her head hurt so much that she could not walk to the toilet alone. Bonya didn’t wash for five days and didn’t really sleep for almost a week. Nevertheless, Vika decided to go up the slope. But at an altitude of more than five thousand meters, her legs were paralyzed, swelling developed and a strong cough began. Bonya decided to interrupt the route and not jeopardize her health. She was taken to a clinic in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu.

– I flew to Kathmandu for a lung x-ray. Due to a strong cough, I was sent to the hospital for a check-up, Vika said.

Bonya herself came to the hospital. The TV host said that due to microedema of the brain, fluid began to accumulate in her lungs and other side effects appeared. Doctors took an X-ray, which showed she was fine. Therefore, Bonya continued her journey and returned to the mountains. A few hours later, she posted a new video of the hike, boasting that she had started climbing the nearly 6,500-foot summit.

– It was very difficult for me to adapt and I thought I couldn’t go any further than base camp. Let me remind you that this is my first mountain in my life, except for Courchevel. Now we have gone to the second round, – said Bonya.

Despite health problems, Bonya climbed even higher after hospitalization – to an altitude of 6500 meters. Photo: social networks.

Mount Manaslu in the Himalayas is located in the north-central part of Nepal. It is the eighth highest eight-thousander in the world. Such an ascent is dangerous even for experienced climbers. However, Vika ventured there under the guidance of the famous climber Nirmala Purja. The former Nepalese commando made his first ascent in 2012. Eight years later, he set a record by conquering all 14 existing peaks above 8,000 meters in just six months.

Having no climbing experience, Bonya carefully prepared for the ascent. She took an IV course, wore an oxygen mask, did special leg workouts and took tests to see if her health allowed her to climb.

Traveling to Nepal is an expensive undertaking in itself. And a trip to the mountains accompanied by a famous climber is not a cheap adventure at all. According to Boni, she paid more than 50,000 euros for the walk, flight, equipment and more. True, it was not she who paid for the trip, but her rich lover. Vika does not disclose the name of her sponsor.

The new novel of the ex-participant of “House-2” became known this summer. Victoria hinted that she was going through a whirlwind romance, which overshadows only one thing: her lover is married and is not getting a divorce.

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