Videos emerge of tremors and destruction after 7.6 magnitude earthquake hits Mexico

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Peter Kavinsky

Tourists and locals alike captured video of the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico’s central coast, sharing footage of rooms rattling and even pickup trucks rocking.

On Monday, a 7.6 earthquake struck off Mexico’s central coast just half an hour after the country completed its annual earthquake simulation. Major earthquakes that killed hundreds and thousands occurred on the same date in 2017 and 1985 respectively.

On Twitter, a user named Jon posted a video from a hotel room in Puerto Vallarta, about 400km north of the earthquake’s epicenter.

The clip shows her room shaking and a fan swinging wildly from the ceiling.

“The earthquake hit the coast of Mexico and our hotel room in Puerto Vallarta shook badly,” he wrote in a Twitter post alongside the video.

The earthquake triggered tsunami warnings around the Pacific. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reported that tsunami waves were observed and that waves of 1 to 3 meters above the tide level would likely reach the Pacific coast of Mexico.

In a video shared by Diario de Morelos, a publication covering the region near the epicenter of the earthquake, a pair of trucks can be seen shaking violently as seismic activity rocks the region.

John-Carlos Estrada, a journalist for CBS Austin, shared several videos of the earthquake of people on the ground in Mexico. In a video, street signs in Mexico City can be seen shaking due to the earthquake. Mexico City is about 485 km (302 mi) from the earthquake’s epicenter.

In a separate video he shared, light fixtures swing and clash in a Mexican office building. It is unclear where this video was recorded.

Another video showed the aftermath of the earthquake in Apatzingán, a city about 231 km from the epicenter. The video shows the interior of what appears to be an office building, with tiles strewn across the floor of a hallway after it fell during the earthquake.

A video taken in Mexico City shows crowds of people outside on the streets as an earthquake alert sounds just half an hour after the country’s annual earthquake drill has concluded. There was no visible tremor in this video.

In Manzanillo, just 130 km south of the epicenter, a video emerged of a building that partially collapsed. The entire wall of a gym can be seen collapsed and open to the sky, with residents walking through the rubble.

The extent of damage, as well as possible deaths or injuries, is still unknown.

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