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Singer Vladimir Presnyakov.

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Vladimir Presnyakovy spoke candidly about the first experience of intimacy. It all happened when the singer was 14 years old. The situation, he says, was so strange that he can’t think about it without laughing.

Vladimir Presnyakovy told about the secret without hesitation. “I became a man very early. My experience was very creepy and difficult. And of course I will do everything I can to make sure that our children behave correctly in this regard,” the singer began his confession.

According to him, everything started beautifully. But then it got difficult. “In the first moment my wife’s wig fell. I was 14 and she 100. She was available,” admitted the artist on the YouTube show spouses “Your Natasha”.

By the way, the artist speaks with his sons about frank topics. With seven-year-old Artemy, who she gave birth to Natalia Podolskaya, the performer studies the structural features of the male and female organisms. “He knows a lot. He already has it in his subcortex. He won’t be like me. We spied on the elderly in the bathhouse in the third grade,” Presnyakov said.

BUT eldest son Nikita from Kristina Orbakaite he does suggested how to properly engage in intimacy with the opposite sex. “He gave advice that helped him grow up, become a man. The advice came in handy. I can brag about it,” said the 54-year-old singer proudly.

The Russian singer has been happily married to a colleague for over 16 years. The pair is considered one of the most harmonious. The family has two sons – Artemy and Ivan.

Presnyakov is also close to his eldest son. He assured that he would always be ready to support his relatives financially. “I will help my son Nikita at any age. Even if he is a grandfather and I am a great grandfather. He will say:”Put a hundred thousand on the map.” I’ll do it“, – said the artist.

He specified that his relatives have no financial problemscan afford to spend money on their needs. According to the musician, they do not “cover” themselves with it.

Peter Kavinsky

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