Vladislav Seleznev: Residents have concentrated a serious military armada in the north of Crimea

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Peter Kavinsky

Valentina Samar: Center for Strategic Communication posted a videotaken from the window of a passenger train – at the Azovskaya station, boxes of ammunition are piled under the open sky, Grads are standing, etc. Earlier video with, probably, “reactivated” equipment on the same station, we also published. Explodes for several hours. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation called it sabotage. What is your opinion?

Vladislav Seleznev: First, to assess the amount of weapons, military equipment and ammunition for it, which the Russians have now concentrated in the north of the temporarily occupied peninsula of Crimea. We know that the Russians have for a long time brought a lot of weapons and military equipment to this area, and these are mainly units and subunits of the four armies of the Russian Armed Forces, which are still deployed on the territory of the eastern regions of Russia – Transbaikalia and beyond. These forces and resources are mainly focused on artillery systems. That is, in the north of Crimea there are many scattered storage facilities where shells for cannon artillery are stored, in MLRS.

Why did it happen like this? In recent weeks, Ukrainians have demonstrated the effective operation of the HIMARS-class MLRS, cannon artillery that can operate with extreme precision at long ranges. Therefore, the Russians began to move the same ammunition depots away from the front line. According to the video and photos on the network, it is exactly the ammunition that the Russians planned to use during the next offensive on the southern flank of the Russian-Ukrainian front. In the direction of Zaporizhia or perhaps in the direction of Kherson to Nikolaev or Krivoy Rog. But it didn’t go as expected.

According to some experts, an elite special unit is active in Crimea, which, among other things, is armed with kamikaze drones. It is believed to have hit Saki military airfield a few days ago with the help of kamikaze drones.

Explosions at the Russian air base in Novofedorovka in occupied Crimea, 08/09/2022 Photo: social networks

And now we see cotton on the territory of a former farm near a populated Mayskoye point near Dzhankoy (an ammunition depot that exploded in northern Crimea, which the occupiers set up on an old farm in the village of Mayskoye near the village of Azov, where the military unit of the Russian army is located – ed.). As for a similar fire at the military airfield in Gvardeisky near Simferopol, so far my insiders do not confirm this information.

Explosions in the military unit of infidels near the village of Azovskoye, Dzhankoy district of Crimea, 08/16/2022 Photo: TASS

Valentina Samar: Our sources don’t confirm it either. We called local residents, including Gvardeisky’s. They say they heard noises like explosions or loud shots at night, but no smoke was seen there. Let’s return to Dzhankoy. For a time this area was just a transit area, now it is essentially a fortified area, there is an airport where the Russians are said to have created a special regiment. What functions are currently assigned to the Dzhankoy district?

Photo: detective.org.ua

Vladislav Seleznev: During the independence of Ukraine, the former military airfield in Dzhankoy was not really used for its intended purpose – there was only an aviation commander. Since 2014, the Russians have significantly increased the number of troops and resources on the territory of this airport. Including many air defense systems attracted – complexes of the S-400 and S-300 class, the complexes “Pantsir”, “Tor”. There is a corresponding helicopter unit conducting strike operations in the south of the Zaporozhye region and the Kherson region. That is a very serious joining of forces and resources.

But there is another important purpose of this airport. On this basis, a repair and restoration base has been created, repair shops are active, because the Russians lost a lot of equipment – both completely and partially damaged. Not far from the airport there are several not very large, but nevertheless warehouses with weapons and ammunition of the corresponding nomenclature. Bombs and missiles cling to Russian helicopters, artillery shells to cannons of various calibers.

By the way, as part of the movement of those units and subunits, artillery units were supplied from eastern Russia, armed with 203 millimeters of Pion-class systems. A super powerful and dangerous weapon that works over very long distances. I think they deliberately pulled it all over Russia to use it as part of the so-called counter-battery battle. Because the Ukrainian HIMARS and M777 are very harassing the Russian units, and they try to dampen the combat work of the Ukrainian artillery to a certain extent with the help of the Peonies. This entire military armada was concentrated in the north of Crimea, because the Russian generals were absolutely convinced that there were no troops and resources of the Ukrainian armed forces to carry out rocket and bomb attacks on the northern territory of Crimea. But we see that there are nuances.

A military ammunition depot that exploded on August 16 near the village of Azovskoye, Dzhankoy district in northern Crimea. Photo: StratCom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Valentina Samar: If these are really Ukrainian units operating on the “quiet, quiet the left” principle, then they have a lot of work to do, as Dzhankoy is also a serious railway hub to which Russia carries military cargo. Could all of these events influence Russia’s plans to hold so-called “referendums” in the occupied south?

Vladislav Seleznev: Of course, such skillful actions of Ukrainian partisans, Ukrainian werewolves, introduce a certain imbalance in the plans and actions of the Russian invaders. After all, when there is no peace in the region, when the Russians are forced to deploy a fairly significant part of their own armed forces for anti-sabotage measures, there is a certain nervousness in the actions of both local Gauleiters and local military leaders. I don’t think this imbalance will make fundamental changes to the Kremlin’s plans, because it literally screams about the “annexation” of the Kherson region, the south of the Zaporozhye region, part of the Kharkov region with Russia. They strive for it and will do their best to do so. But I understand very clearly: the question of whether or not to create the so-called “Novorossiya”, which Putin has been dreaming of for many years, will be decided on the battlefield. And here I support the armed forces of Ukraine and I hope that eventually we will receive from our Western partners the necessary amount of weapons and ammunition not only to successfully deter the enemy’s offensive, to carry out sabotage measures, but also to carry out precise counter-offensive actions.

Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at cablefreetv.org

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