Vremya selects EFE photo as the second best of the year

Santiago de Compostela (Spain) (EFE) – Time magazine has selected EFE’s forest fire photograph, by photojournalist Alberto Vasquez’s “Sxenick”, as the second best photograph of the year.

This is a picture taken on July 31 in Canise (Pontevedra), which shows a forest firefighter fighting a fire, and in front of him is a strong flame that takes the form of a dragon, which the famous American publication chose among the top 100. pictures from 2022.

“Sxenic” explained to EFE that just as when he watches the clouds and the sea, he intuitively sees silhouettes and shapes, at that time and in that Galician city he constantly saw “patterns of devilish figures”, so much so that in the end he managed to capture the moment after a long wait.

“Of my photographs, this one best represents to me how the fire department fought the fire this summer,” said the photographer, who said he remembers that fire season as the worst in years. thirty years.

According to him, weather conditions extremely complicated the work of fire services. “Among them (members of the brigade) they talked about fires that could not be extinguished, about fires of the sixth generation,” the photographer recalled.

On October 12, “Sksenik” was also awarded the Cross of the Order “For Merit to the Civil Guard” with the “White” distinction for selfless and selfless cooperation during the bike tour in Galicia.

By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at