We will not only liberate Donbass, but Russia

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Peter Kavinsky

The People’s Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk will hold referendums on accession to Russia from September 23 to 27. Photo: Alexander Reka/TASS


It’s finished. The People’s Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk will hold referendums on accession to Russia from September 23 to 27. A similar mood is expected in the liberated areas of Kherson and Zaporozhye. And this completely changes the setup of the Special Military Operation.

After the accession of new nationals to the Russian Federation, we will no longer liberate the land of Donbass, but the territory of Russia occupied by Ukrainian troops. And this means that Moscow has new tools for conducting military operations. First of all, morally. But there are also legal ones, and many others. But if Russia takes the LDNR, the Kherson region and Zaporozhye into its family, it will turn out that part of our territory is occupied by Ukrainian troops. And there can be no more double thinking. To free her, Moscow can change the special operation regime to something else. It is no coincidence that the Duma introduced the concepts of “martial law” and “wartime” into the Criminal Code. And after them – and the term “mobilization”.


This does not mean at all that in Russia there will immediately be some sort of raid in nightclubs, universities, on the streets and on public transport to catch boys and send them to the army (as has been happening long and hard in Ukraine). Most likely, no one will take in the troops untrained young people who have not completed military service. For example, it is possible to conduct a “partial mobilization”, which can be limited to the call-up of reserve officers, people who have completed military service in the past three to five years, as well as foreign volunteers. By the way, I don’t see anything embarrassing in putting the latter on. If Ukraine does not despise mercenaries from all over the world, why deny ourselves the opportunity to put visitors in the ranks if they express a desire.

COLD “FIVE Hundredths”

At the same time, responsibility for their actions during hostilities also increases. The Duma introduces punishment for “looting” and “voluntary surrender”. Of course, if our fighters reach the enemy in battle, no one will judge them for this.

The penalty for deserting a unit during the period of mobilization and state of siege, as well as for disobeying the commander’s command, is being tightened. These measures are dictated by instances where the fighters being counted on suddenly take up and leave their positions. During the special operation, such people were even nicknamed – “five hundred”.

The reality of war can be difficult to get used to. I myself witnessed when some volunteers arriving at the front, after the very first explosions at the trenches, were filmed and left their positions in unison. This phenomenon is not catastrophic, but it exists. And legally there is nothing to blame for those who do not want to fight. After all, the special operation is not defined in the law. This means that refusers should not bear any responsibility. This loophole disappears when martial law is declared. There is nowhere to retreat, the enemy is already on the territory of Russia.


The referendum is a legal formality. But this formality is, on the one hand, of strategic importance, freeing up hands for wider deployment of the country’s armed forces and resources.

According to our military doctrine, we even have the right to use nuclear weapons if Russia’s sovereignty is threatened. On the other hand, it has a purely therapeutic effect. After the failure in the Kharkiv region, it is important for us to make it clear to the people: we will not let anyone else down. And no one will take our territory again. Finally, recently and in the Constitution, we outlined a ban on the alienation of land.

Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at cablefreetv.org

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