What Are the Features of the Renaissance Period in Matter?

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Rome, which is considered the most important period of the Renaissance and one of its most important centers What are the characteristics of the High Renaissance period? Here are all the details…

Early Renaissance Characteristics

The period that determined the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations as its source and emerged in the 14th century as a result of the advancement of Humanism is called the Early Renaissance Period. The highlights of this period are as follows:

  • By observing the Antiquity, the artists drew their own unique way.
  • It started with the developments in architecture, especially in Florence, from the first years of the century.
  • Giotto, Masaccio and Botticelli; He is among the prominent painters of the Early Renaissance.
  • Giotto; he painted all objects in their most natural state and with this feature, he separated from the dull medieval painting understanding.
  • Massaccio’s best-known work is the Holy Trinity.
  • Botticelli; He is regarded as one of the greatest artists to shape the Renaissance.
  • Apart from painting, there were also important developments in architecture in this period. Domes and columns have an important place in Early Renaissance architecture.
  • Donato Bramente is the most important architect of this period and the Church of Sante Marie Delle Grezie is one of his most important works.
  • The most important sculptor of this period is Donatello. Donatello’s most important work is the Statue of David.

High Renaissance Period Characteristics

High Renaissance Period; It is considered the heyday of the Renaissance and began in the 16th century. High Renaissance period features are:

  • It is the heyday of the Renaissance period and developed mainly in Rome.
  • Many artists have produced different works in many different fields.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael are prominent artists of this period.
  • The two most important works of Leonardo Da Vinci, a great painter, engineer and mathematician, are Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.
  • One of the most important sculptors of the High Renaissance, Michelangelo’s two most important works are the sculptures of David and Moses.
  • The best-known work of the Italian painter Raphael (Raphael) is The School of Athens.

General Characteristics of the Renaissance Period

literally means rebirth General characteristics of the Renaissance Period can be listed as:

  • It was born in Italy in the 19th century and spread there all over Europe.
  • There have been important developments in the fields of painting, sculpture, literature, science and art.
  • With the influence of humanism, there has been a human-centered understanding.
  • Interest in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations has increased as a result of the curiosity towards the Antiquity.
  • Many works belonging to Greek and Roman civilizations were translated into western languages ​​during this period.
  • The church’s influence on education has decreased and significant progress has been made in education.
  • Scholastic and dogmatic thinking has begun to give way to a positive and human mind-based understanding of thought.
  • A new class of intellectuals began to emerge in Europe and a great interest in art was born in this class.
  • A scientific understanding that adopts experiment and observation as its method has begun to dominate.
  • Instead of Gothic style in architecture; Baroque and Rococo style works were started to be given.
  • As a result of the increase in literacy in the society, significant changes have occurred in the field of culture and religion.
  • The Bible was translated into different languages ​​and read by the masses; This situation damaged the authority and prestige of the church.
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