What Are the Major Events in the New Age?

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What are the important New Age events that changed the political structure of Europe, caused religious wars and accelerated colonial activities? Here are all the details…

New Age Major Developments

Crusades on the Muslim world in the Middle Ages; It allowed many things to change for Europe. The western world, who wanted to benefit from the wealth and prosperity of the eastern world, met many innovations at the end of these expeditions and brought them to Europe. Transport of compass, paper, printing press and gunpowder to Europe; It radically changed the political, economic and cultural structure of the West and allowed the foundations of today’s Europe to be laid.

Come now, Major events in New Age Europe Let’s take a look at what’s going on:

New Age Highlights

Geographical Discoveries (15th century – 17th century)

As a result of the Crusades, especially the recognition of the compass by the Europeans made geographical discoveries possible. This discovery movement, initiated by the western world, which wanted to seek new trade routes and to have the wealth of the eastern world, took place on overseas geographies with the contribution of the developments in the field of shipping.

At the end of the geographical discoveries, new trade routes were discovered and the Silk and Spice Routes under the control of the Ottoman State lost their effectiveness. Precious metals were transported from newly discovered geographies to Europe; This situation led to the enrichment of the western world. The Europeans, who started colonial activities in the discovered places, had the opportunity to spread their own religion, Christianity, to these regions.

Another important result of the Geographical Discoveries was the wealth obtained, which created a new bourgeois class in Europe; This led to the renaissance movement that would occur in the future.

Renaissance (15th century – 16th century)

Renaissance, which literally means “Rebirth”; It expresses the developments in the field of art, literature and science that emerged in Italy and spread to Europe. The increase in literacy rate as a result of the enrichment experienced after the Geographical Discoveries and the development of the printing press; It was the driving force of the Renaissance.

Renaissance Period, which also means the rediscovery of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations; It represents a great intellectual and scientific breakthrough for Europe. In this period, the church lost its effectiveness and positive thinking began to dominate. Significant advances have been made with the experiment and observation method, which is dominant in the field of science. Talented and important artists have produced great works and the majority of these works have put people and nature at the center.

This picture, which emerged with the Renaissance and destroyed the dogmatic understanding of the church, made it possible to experience the Reformation movements in the future.

Reform Movements (16th century)

reform movements; It took place in order to eliminate the corruption in the Catholic church and to bring some new regulations. At the end of the Reformation movement, which was based on reasons such as the spread of the printing press, the translation of the Bible into national languages ​​and the corruption of the church, the sectarian unity in Europe was broken; New sects such as Protestantism, Anglicanism and Calvinism emerged.

As a result of the Reform movements, which took education and training from the hands of the church and started a secular education, the church as a clergy and institution lost its former reputation. In this way, the influence of the Pope on the states came to an end.

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