What did they talk to Bruno Fernandes in the locker room? Cristiano Ronaldo announced

Portugalstar football player Cristiano Ronaldo, 2022 World CupHe asked journalists following . to stop asking his teammates about him.

Ronaldo, who unexpectedly entered the room where the press conference will be held at the Al Shahaniya Facilities, where the Portuguese National Team continues to work, surprised the journalists.

Manchester Unitedteammate from Bruno Fernandes Talking about his images leaked to social media, Ronaldo said, “His flight was delayed, so I asked him, ‘Did you come by boat?’ Please don’t ask the players about me.” said.

Ronaldo told reporters he was “bulletproof” and “solid as iron”. Piers MorganRegarding his interview with “Timing is always timing. It’s easy for you to look at how we can choose timings. I don’t have to worry about what other people think. I talk when I want. Everyone knows who I am, what I believe.” used his statements.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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