What Is Colonialism, What Does It Mean? Colonial History and Brief Summary

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What is Colonialism?

Colonialism; It can be expressed as the seizure of labor, natural resources and markets by a state or nation in lands outside its borders. In addition to these economic opportunities, colonialism, which brought political, cultural and religious hegemony in these captured regions; It is the activity of plundering a nation that is considered weak in every field.

When Did Colonialism Begin?

The spread of colonialism, whose origins date back to Antiquity and which took place in different ways throughout history, was realized as a result of Geographical Discoveries. At the end of these exploration movements, which started in the first half of the 15th century and thought to dominate new trade routes, all the wealth of the discovered regions was transferred to the west and the first systematic activity of colonialism began in this period.

Colonial History

In the colonial activities that accelerated in the newly discovered regions after the Geographical Discoveries; Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and France stand out. The companies established in this period, which is considered to be the first systematic example of colonialism, also had an important place. With certain monopoly rights granted to companies established in new regions, the exploitation of these regions became easier and all valuable products were transferred to the western world through these companies.

The 15th century, on the other hand, draws attention as the year in which the colonization of Africa began. During this period, Africa was seen as both a source of raw materials and a slave market. During this period, especially slavery activities changed shape. Previously, the people of the region were taken to the western world to work cheaply; Since that date, people have been worked in mines and farms in their own lands. Again in this period, France, England and Spain draw attention as great colonial states.

The increasing need for raw materials and markets after the Industrial Revolution in the 16th century also accelerated colonial activities. European states on the way to industrialization; sometimes through diplomacy and sometimes through war, they shared many countries among themselves and chose to supply their raw material and market needs in this way.

This rivalry between countries, arising from the need for raw materials and markets, is one of the biggest causes of the 1st World War. Particularly, the aggressive participation of Germany and Italy in the colonial race, which made their political unions late, disturbed the other colonial powers and this situation led to a world war.

  1. After the World War II, the understanding of colonialism changed its form once again and turned into the concept of Mandate, and this new concept was reflected on the field, especially in the Middle East. The states established by France in Syria and Lebanon, and by England in Iraq and Jordan are examples of the mandate regime.

When Did the Colonial Race End?

The event that dealt the greatest blow to colonialism was World War II. As a result of this war, which lasted for a long time and suffered significant losses, the great states collapsed economically and politically; This situation caused them to cut off their ties with their colonies. At the same time, the concepts of nationalism and independence, which began to flourish in the exploited areas, also dealt a great blow to the colonial activities of the West.

Although it is said that World War II dealt a great blow to colonialism, it cannot be claimed that colonial activities no longer exist today. Throughout history, the colonial activity that has been constantly changing; It continues today in different ways and in different geographies.

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