What is Kuvayi Milliye, What Does It Mean and When Was It Founded?

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The first spark was ignited in Hatay Dörtyol against the French. Reasons for founding Kuvayi Milliye What are they? Here are all the details…

When was Kuvayi Milliye founded?

The first step of the Kuvayi Milliye, which played an active role in the National Struggle between 1918 and 1921, was taken against the French on 19 December 1918 in the Dörtyol district of Hatay. This resistance, which started against the French and Armenian gangs on the southern front, later spread to the western front and increased its effectiveness in all of Anatolia in a short time. The number of Kuvayi Milliye, which fought heroically against the invaders until the day the regular army was established, reached up to 15 thousand.

Who founded Kuvayi Milliye? It is not possible to show a single name as an answer to the question. Because the Kuvayi Milliye movement is not the decision of a single person; It started with the effort of all the people to show a resistance against the occupations.

What is Kuvayi Milliye?

Kuvayi Milliye; It is a national resistance organization that was organized by the people as a result of the occupation of Anatolia after the First World War and was established against the invaders. Kuvayi Milliye, which was active between 1918 and 1921; It showed great resistance against the French in the south, the Armenian and Greek gang activities in the east, and the Greek occupation in the west.

So, what does Kuvayi Milliye mean? Kuvayi Milliye, which is an important force of the national resistance, literally means national or national forces.

The Kuvayi Milliye, which played a very active role in the war with the French troops, especially on the Southern Front; They fought heroically around Adana, Maraş, Antep and Urfa and managed to drive the French out of this region. In addition, the Kuvayi Milliye, which was effective in the Aegean after the occupation of Izmir; Until the establishment of a regular army, it carried out an active struggle against the Greek occupation.

Kuvayi Milliye, which exists with many heroes such as Şahin Bey, Sütçü İmam, Gördesli Makbule, Kara Fatma and Yörük Ali; It has a great importance in the National Struggle Period in terms of inflaming the liberation movement of the Turkish nation.

The Kuvayi Milliye, which was formed entirely with the will of the people and on the basis of volunteerism, continued its effectiveness until the establishment of the regular army in 1921. After the establishment of the regular units, the leaders of the Kuvayi Milliye such as Demirci Mehmet Efe and Çerkez Ethem rebelled and opposed the regular armies. However, these revolts were suppressed in a short time and the authority of both the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the regular army, which was attached to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, was strengthened.

Reasons for the Founding of the Kuvayi Milliye

What was influential in the formation of the Kuvayi Milliye movement? When asked, the answer can be listed as follows:

  • The demobilization of the Ottoman armies with the Mudros Armistice Agreement signed after the World War II.
  • The occupation of Izmir by the Greeks.
  • The occupations of the Allied Powers in Anatolia after the ceasefire agreement.
  • The silent attitude of the Ottoman government towards the occupations.
  • The necessity of protecting the safety of life and property of the people.

Kuvayi Milliye Properties

  • It is the first armed resistance against the occupations in Anatolia.
  • It was formed as a result of the organization of the people against the occupations.
  • It is not a regular army.
  • Since they are regional and local, they are not affiliated with a center. They only operated in the region where they were organized.
  • It emerged as a result of the Anatolian people’s fondness for independence and freedom.
  • Until the regular army was established, it caused serious damage to the invading forces and gave the regular army time.
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