When and Between Who Was the Battle of Talas?

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which has had great consequences in terms of Turkish and Islamic history. The importance of the Battle of Talas why? Here are all the details…

Between Who Was The Talas War?

Battle of Talas or Battle of Talas; It is a war between the Chinese and the Abbasids and Karluks. It took about 5 days and finally the Chinese army suffered a heavy defeat. History of the Talas War; It is 751.

Talas War History

The Tang Dynasty in China put an end to the Gokturks State in 659 and set its sights on Tashkent, which was under the rule of the Black Turgish. Gao Hsien-çı, the commander of the Chinese expedition on Tashkent, reached Tashkent and killed Bahadır Tudun, the ruler of the Black Turgish, in 751 and plundered the entire city.

While these developments were taking place in Central Asia, the Umayyad State collapsed in 750 and the Abbasids were established in its place. Abu Hasan, who played an important role in the establishment of the Abbasid State in the same year; He put an end to the Umayyad presence in Khorasan and removed the governor of the Umayyads from the region. These developments were met with great satisfaction among the Turks, who were not satisfied with the Umayyads.

After the murder of Bahadır Tudun, his son Tüen-en managed to escape from the city and called all the Turkish tribes, especially the Karluks, to fight against China. However, the Turks, who were aware that it was impossible for them to fight against China alone, also asked for help from the Abbasids.

After the request for help, Abu Muslim; He sent Islamic armies under the command of Ziyad bin Salih to the region. With the unification of the Karluks coming from the north with the Abbasid army, the Chinese and the Abbasid and Karluk armies came face to face in 751.

The Chinese army, caught in the crossfire with the arrival of the Karluks from the north, suffered a heavy defeat in the Battle of Talas. As a result of the war, approximately 50 thousand Chinese soldiers died and 20 thousand of them were taken prisoner by the Islamic armies.

Alright, Where did the Battle of Talas take place? The Battle of Talas in 751; It occurred in the Atlah locality on the banks of the Talas River. The Talas River is located within the borders of Kyrgyzstan today.

Causes of the Talas War

took place in 751 Causes of the Talas War is as follows:

  • Chinese aspirations to dominate West Turkestan.
  • The desire of both the Chinese and the Abbasids to control the Silk Road.
  • The thought of the Abbasids to spread Islam.
  • The Turks in the region asked the Abbasids for help against the Chinese threat.

Talas War Results

The Sawdust War had important consequences for both Islam and the Turkish world. Featured Battle of Talas results is as follows:

  • China had to give up its ambitions to seize West Turkestan.
  • The Turkish presence in the region has strengthened.
  • In 766, the Karluks became an independent state.
  • Paper produced in China was first brought to Samarkand and then to Baghdad by the Chinese captured in this war. Paper for the first time in history; Made in Samarkand, outside of China.
  • In addition to paper, gunpowder and printing were also learned by the Arabs.

The Importance of the Talas War

The importance of the Battle of Talas for Turkish history; This is due to the fact that the Turks had the opportunity to get to know Islam closely with this war. Most historical sources are in this respect; He accepts the Battle of Talas as the beginning of the Turks’ conversion to Islam.

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