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Only this year, the breeder in the Beskydy drank so much about it. It was not yet possible to decide whether to catch, kill or leave the Yablunkovsk wolves in this area of ​​the mountains.

We have filed a complaint about the possible extermination of the wolf on April 21 and the legal time limit for making a decision in complex cases is 90 days, Nikola Birklenov said in August, saying he finds the situation alarming and will try to find an immediate to decide.

At the moment, an expert has been sent to the region from the Agency for the Protection of Land and Landscape R. We are analyzing the documents to determine whether it is possible to mark the breeding of smeka as modified or not conforming to the standard . If this were the case, it could lead to drastic measures, such as elimination. The animals will be slaughtered in four regions this week, Jan Kleka, the term editor of the agency’s regional work, announced.

So the region could make a decision in the coming days. For now, kill the wolves. For example, on the 9th they attacked twice and killed 3 sheep, a day later they suffocated five sheep at those breeders, and then the last stream was reported over the weekend by people from the mountain recreation center in the Bahenec area. They drank about three times, said Ale Cwik of Jblunkov’s environmental department.

To help breeders cover the cost of installing new fencing, the region provided a grant of 3.5 million kroner this year.

39 breeders have applied for financial support from the Novho Jin, Tince and Jablunkov areas, where the number of sheep killed is highest, as well as from Krnovsko, where we found wolves in the Krasova Toky area. We will pay the grant according to the terms of the program, as soon as the contractor submits a flawless construction, said Michaela Bendov of the regional sales protection and agriculture department.

Breeder conditions pen and buy dogs

Farmi v,e guest houses is getting a jet this year. We had to build fences around the pastures, we bought an electric fence and we double the electric fence, because the wolves just walked around with us, said Marcela Bojkov from Psek, and elms beat his sheep twice. At the second stream he drank about five sheep and gave them a long drink.

We paid for the new accommodation with the money we wanted to spend this year on repairing the sheepfolds. But he must stop, because protecting the piece left to us is a priority for us. To save them, we lock the rest of the herd in the matale every night. But how long will it be, if the region obscures the wolf’s elimination, I don’t know, Bojkov estimated.

Ji Pivec from Bukovce, who asked for eleven pieces of sheep in Erven, saw the same thing.

It’s not just about the money we have to invest in stables, koas, power lines, but also the purchase of saltwater dogs. The thing is, we’ve been extremely exhausted for the past six months. Not only him, but also the neighbors nearby, we check the house practically every night, and we never know if we don’t go to the fence first, behind which the dead and injured pieces will fly. The sheep in the summer pasture travel through the mountains and today we have to move the high and thick fences around which we spread the electric cable with them. It really doesn’t stop anyone and I’m not at all surprised that some neighbors are determined not to continue breeding. So in our house, stress, nervousness and addiction affect the whole family, and we have always worked hard on ourselves. Wolves don’t just kill sheep, they kill families, Pivec noted.


Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at cablefreetv.org

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