Woman swallowed 55 AA batteries

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Peter Kavinsky

Batteries taken from a woman

Irish medicine told a scientific journal about the rarest case they encountered recently. A 66-year-old woman was taken to them at St Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin with a flabby stomach as if she had some sort of weight and severe pain in her stomach. She was x-rayed and, as they say, they did not believe their eyes: the photos clearly showed finger batterieslocated in the abdominal cavity. How many pieces gathered there, it was not possible to find out. The doctors decided to count the batteries as they come out naturally thanks to the “conservative” treatment they started.

Doctors treated the woman for a week and waited for batteries. But she “returned” only 5 pieces. 4 more stuck in the colon. The rest was just in the stomach. They had yet to be surgically removed – 46 pieces were removed. And those – stuck – surgeons cunningly moved to the rectum and got it through the anus. Total 55 batteries – mostly AA type. And two pieces of AAA. Fortunately, the batteries did not collapse under the influence of gastric juice and did not have time to poison the woman or severely burn the insides.

X-ray of the abdomen

Whether the woman was healthy, the authors of the scientific publication did not report – they focused on the method of surgical intervention.

On the “achievement” of a story portal for women living science. It is possible that it will be included in the Guinness Book of Records – no one has swallowed so many batteries. Especially AA and AAA.

Batteries in the form of flat tablets often end up in the stomach, but especially in children. They don’t cause much concern – they come out easily on their own.

Peter Kavinsky

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